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Salam May i continue? The major problem writing english is ..we think malay first then we try writing the idea into english. Exaamples. Saya tidak setuju. I not agree. Saya tok ser mok wei. I not want that mummy. Both sentences are incorrect from grammartical point of view. They should be like below. 1) I do not agree. 2) I do not want that mummy. -------' How to avoid that problem? Tips. 1) negative sentences. I do not + k:verb) You must brush up with your grammar. 2) think english, write english. dream english, swear things in english please. HOW TO SWEAR.? Listen english footballers fighting with the referees. They begin with the f word. Try. laugh. I stop there first. till then .. remember myvadvice. Think english, write english. bye


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