Posted by sazali

Salam. IF YOU ARE having some food with him or her.. Asking questions 1) what would you like to have abd kareem? 2) nasi lemak or roti canai? 3) how about drinks? Nescafe ! 4) what do you think about me ( laugh) 5) you like malaysian food .. please order Abd Kareem 6) how about the students here? They are helpful or not? 8) which subject you like most? why? where do you like studying.. library or masjid? Why? REMEMBER 4W and 1H - where, why, what, when AND How see..there are many ways to practice speaking and sharing your views. Now with the help of MOE, many foreigners are joining your classes. Why not using them to practice your weaker part of MUET i.e., speaking and listening. Try ok? try ok. TILL THEN.. GOOD LUCK


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