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Tadi saya minta pelajar bandingkan kualiti buah kelubi dgn oren sunkist.

Nampak remeh bukan?

Try explain the differences brtween the fruits in english.

2) other than that, now, compare each finger from your right hand.

there are of course some differences between the thumb and the middle finger.

Then compare the 3 main races in Malaysia.

3) I am sure you can talk about the difference in attitude between yhose races.

in group i believe you can highlight the strong points of each of them.

why did i suggest all these?

the reasons are this life is about similar things and differences.

Our parents compare us right by saying the eldest is the smartest while the youngest is the weakest. There are few reasons to that.

In MUET exam, the examiner wants to hear your ability in explaining things.

If you shy away from discussing things with your friends.. i am afraid u will go nowhere in getting Band 3.

You must work hard boy.

no way out.

4)  i was born in a family where both my parents did not know anything in english.  But i worked hard n now i can talk with any body any where and alhamdulilah any time even up in the sky in Air Asia to Hanoi or Bandung.

if i can do it, i am sure you can be much better than me.

I believe you are better because . from close observations.

you listen to music all the time. And most music are english.

you use computers all the time. And most instructions are in English.

you have lectures in english in the schools, polytechnics and Universities..  Moreover all your clothes are branded like Nike, Adidas, Puma ..and your drink are mostly imported like Coca Cola, Shaklee and Amway.  All English .. made.

The neew education minister II Dato' Seri  Idris Jusoh is so good in english. If the leader is so good..then his charges (you and me of course)  must be good in english too.

Right?  I say that because the government agreed to upgrade the teachers' salary and bonuses every year what come may.
If the minister is not happy, he won't let the teachers to have any pay increment and bonuses at all, right?

Think about it boy. Please?

with that i pen off now.  Thousand apology.

Bye and ....


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