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Salam n good morning my dear readers. Alhamdulilah (thanks be to Allah) ee meet again in this small space called a blog. I forgot to tell you that one of my old habits in learning English Language. The thing i did was 1) i copy any good semtence into my exercise book. I read the sentence again and again. Sometimes i put some effort to memorize the sentence day and nihht. then i write down the sentence 10 times on the page from the top to the bottom. if i have noyhing else to do i wite down 100 times from sunday morning to sunday evening. as a result, i remember some sentences since that day to now. It was more 50 years already. one of the sentences that i remember most is ' respect your english teacher. They came all the way from Austrslia. When she is around, go and see her and learn something from her a bit a day.' 2) one of the reasons few of my students failed to grt Band 3 Muet was.. They were to shy to visit me and learn some english from me. My office could be accessed by lift. Just walk into the lift and press button 7. they could get me. Buat alas..that was already a history. Time waits for no one, you know? 3) the third habit was i bought many kinds of enhlish dictionary . Any size. As a result all my children learn english well. Even though we take budu and 'pucuk keterh and petai' that did not stop thrm scoring in any english papers. I express my gratitude to Allah all the time. the key is attitude and our intention to change from Band 2 to Band 3. please. Do the change now. You feel the differences if you have more skills in english. my arab students ..they flew from Yaman and Libya.. if they came to learn english from me .. i was so please to teach. Why not? Free of charge. Myy teaching is cheaper than going to the bath room. why? Teaching and sharing is the key to long life. You want that, dont you? he..he.. go to the top of thid page. do what i did please. till then good bye. wasallam


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