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Salam Let us say the examiner ask you to talk a bit about Malaysian Integrity. What are you going to say? May I .. give you a general style/ pattern to such talk. Firstly, Malaysia is a multi racial and multi cultural country. It has 3 main races called Malays, Chinese and Indians. They can practice their religion without any problem. Secondly, Malaysia is a peaceful country unlike the Arab countries which have 1 race but they like to fight with each other every day. All the races here share the spirit of 1Malaysia which means that .. the government wanted all the races to work and learn together without any prejudice. Now 1Melayu means the government wanted the malays to be united all the time regardless of their political inclinations called UMNO, PAS or PKR. The government wanted that badly because they know they are getting weaker after the 12th and the 13th General Election. Now the government is controlling the country with 49% pro government and 51% going against the government. I think corruption is a big issue here. It means the riich is getting richer while the poor is getting more BRIM1. (laugh) Thirdly, integrity comes after the implementation of National Education Philosophy based on the 5 pillars as put by the Rukun Negara. What are they? * * * * * I know only two today that is Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan and Keluhuran xxx dan Perlembagaan. Finally, we can learn to live happily through the sports meet at school and university levels. We must learn to accept defeat and success in all sorts of games like football and SEAP Games. Recently my home team lost with Pahang in FA Cup. (padan muka). laugh. But we Red Warriors say OK because every year we can play finals. Integrity means we can integrate well even though we come from different homes and back grounds. The chinese teachers are teaching me mathematics and sciences while the malay teachers are teaching them BM, BI, BA, and many more under the hot hot sun in Malaysia. So nice .. Malaysia need to buy machines to dry our clothes 24/7. Now I leave you .. you can add anything you like like music and sightseeing/ PLKN. Till then ..good bye. Wasallam


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