sitting for exams

Posted by sazali


Happy New Year everybody.

Good ..we are still around this time, right?

I learnt that my students are sitting for their sem exam. Just wishing you All the Best Ok?

For a start, here are some basic steps before sitting for exam.

1)  take of your health.  Good food , good milk ensures your well being at this time. IWould advice ..dont try new fo
ood ..especially curry etc etc.  I Usually take lots of fruits and drink plenty of water.

2)  make sure you sleep well in the exam week. Dont take drugs.  Such drug that can make you stay awake more than  hours.  There is no miracle of staying awake far too long.

3)  go to the exam hall a bit earlier. Say 10 minutes b4 the paper. Please.

4) answer the 77questions after reading it very carefu,ly.
plan your answer. Dont rush.

5)  think thats all mates. Wishing you all the best ok. You can do it insya allah.

till then focus during the exam. Will you?


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