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Salam. If you spend some money on certain objects like your Nokia handsets then you know the value of that equipment. If on one sunny day, the hand phone was lost, you began to feel that loss! Why is that so? The answer is very simple. You had spent lots of money buying the Nokia. HE HE. Similarly is learning an important language like the English Language. You must spend some money. What are they? firstly is the grammar book(s). Secondly is the writing pad and pens. thirdly is engaging a professional teacher to guide you listeing and speaking english. and most importantly your time learning english all the time. ----- All the above items cost you money. If you can spend lots of money to buy computers and Nokia should be willing to do similar things on acquiring english language. From my small experience conducting english classes i saw few students who came but they were poorly prepared. they came into my class without a dictionary, writing pad and their pen had gone dry (no ink). In short, they came to see me without serious preparations. If you acted that way, then it is difficult to see you scoring enough marks to get you BAND 3 in MUET. -------- Sometimes as teachers, i expressed my disappointment for those who came late into my class. When next week came, i noticed i did nt have enough attendance. I leart they got offended with my remarks. Aghh.. malay students are too sensitive when they got criticsm from their teacher. Never mind. The main thing you have to know is you are the one sitting for MUET not your teacher. please think about that.. value your teacher highly and spend some money on your own future. You reap fruits if you sow good seeds. Till then .. wish you good luck. Wasallam.


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