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Salam Alhamdulilah we meet again. Thanks be to Allah being made it possible we meet again in this small blog. Today I would like to share a bit on defending your ideas. Example 1. You suggest the government to 'not extending the age of retirement from 55 to 60 among government staff'. Give your reasons. Here are the reasons. Reason 1 : Now Malaysia has 30 public universities and 500 private universities. Imagine every year we have 100,000 new graduates entering the work market. It would be nice if there are 100,000 new vacancies to look for. So there is easy life for every body. 100, 000 new entrants in fulfilling 100,000 vacancies. As easy as that. But unfortunately, 100,000 new graduates hunting for 10,000 vacancies. THis is because many veteran teachers and lecturers seem not willing enough to leave their professions. Looking at this condition many social problems happening at our country. First , few marriages happening because the new man graduates are not working fast enough. The male failed to impress the parents of the females their overall ability to support the girl. When this happen, many problem happen between the girls and the boys in the eyes of Islam. Both are holding thicker and thicker certificates while the vacancies arising from the retirement among 55+ lecturers and teachers is happening at a much slower rate. Some times, the parents agree to the marriage but they support the life maintenance of the new married couple. Imagine, the parents are fish mongers but the new married couples graduated with nuclear physics and bio technology. So the moral of the story . Many parents are supporting their children not only for 15 years but beyond their university education. Brilliant , right? Second, the cost of the housing is getting higher and higher. THe speed of getting jobs by the graduates is getting slower and slower. As a result, when the graduates manage to get their first jobs , the prices of the houses in Klang Valley and Shah Alam has gone double or treble. They lost ! Why the lost? The reason is many old staff are holding to their jobs longer and longer. Even though their yearly work performance has gone static, the government is taking on their side. Why? The government consists of more 50+ workers than 25+ workers. Therefore we have two sides to the story of new and old staff. I think you can see the way to support your ideas. The structure is YOUR IDEA. Then your defense that consist of REASON 1 and REASON 2. See above. Then you must quickly conclude. Hope this help you. God Willing. Till then . good bye. Wasallam.


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