Nice words

Posted by sazali

Salam It is good to say somethiing nice to our selfs. Example: Great! you are great man. Bravo! your writing ..accepted for IEEE journals. Alhamdulilah.. syukur nikmat. Dapat merasai pagi yg cantik ini. Bacalah doa bangu tidur jam 0500 pagi. Apakah doa itu? ------------- If we practice saying good things .. and our children do the same and our neighbours do the same too.. the society will be so nice ... Believe me! I was away from Kelantan for so many years. One of my friends met me at the masjid. this is the first word that came from his blessed mouth Huh... ingat mu mati lamor dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... mu gi manor selama keni ni......? Itu contoh nice words .. sesetengah org melayu kito guna pakai .. after that they doa .. ROBBANA .. dunia .. hasanah .. akhirat ...hasanah. Ghitu kor laghunya? ------------ However, we try our best to forgive. But that is something to ponder at. Melayu dah jadi apa yer? He..he.. Aapa nak jadi My ROBBBB? wallahu aklam bis sawabbb


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