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salam In MUET exam sometimes they test you on arguing certain issues. Example 1: advantages and disadvantages (boon and bane) of having more malay teachers in the teaching professions. As we all know, in the eastern states of Peninsular malaysia, most schools have more composition of the malay teachers. The tragedy is some of them are locals to the schools itself. When there are too many locals, it is hard for the school administration and management to introduce new concepts of teaching like PPSMI. This is because as locals, they brought with them few gabbages like attitude and low motivation values. Many school praograms came to a halt when many teachers are talking more politics and religion than the objectives and aims of education as aspired by those ministers in Putrajaya. Pity right? We can say that as many chinese parents are taking out their children from government schools to chinese independent schools and privately owned religous schools. By doing that, there is little chance that we can mix and work well after our university educations. The results is out today. In PISA, as reported by STAR paper today 5th Dec 2013, Malaysia has claimed the 56th position out of 65 countries that took part in the exercise. In other words, we are at the bottom third of the rankings. PISA is about the teaching and learning of maths and science among certain groups of students at the secondary level. I think it is completely hard @ impossible to bring Malaysia to be in the top third of the PISA rankings after 2025 as planned by the Education Transformtion Plan (2013 - 2025) if there are no stringent steps taken by the ministry. First an apology if what is suggested here is a small offence to you readers but bitter medicine is good for the general health. Try please. Among the steps could be: (a) upgrade the minimum requirements of teacher entry into Teaching Institutes/ Universities (b) 'fire' non performing and 'sick' or 'too fertile' teachers (c) promote faster and younger but effective teachers and send them for oversea placements as encouraging and motivating factors (d) promote faster those motivated teachers (e) place more chinese, indian teachers into malay areas (f) put more malay teachers into chinese and indian areas (g) place Chinese Principal into malay dominant areas and vice versa (h) more internal courses among teachers (i) scrap coursework based assessment which is regarded as 'soft' assessment mode of learning (j) put at least 50% Malaysian laanguage paper, 50% English and 50% mathematics passsing marks as the minimum requirements to get SPM/ GCSE "O" levels certificates (k) stop thinking about urban and rural schools when posting new teachers (l) weed out old teachers who are considered as dead woods. Encourage them to go out at age 50 and not 60 from the teaching system. (laugh) (m) control internal politicking especially too much Pro Government/ opposition at schools (n) avoid placing new teachers to their home towns before the age of 40. Let them know other work culture etc etc from the Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur areas before settling down in Kelantan and Terengganu By doing some bold decisions , then we can talk big about world ranking universities in this country by 2020. Swallowing hard rules is also jihaaad , you say? Insyallah. Else .. we can continue dreaming dry or wet in the highlands... Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb. Thousand apology.


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