Aduhai .. anakku (Nabi Noah a.s)

Posted by sazali

Bismillah hi roh ma nir rohim

'Feeling of emptiness  .. after the drowning of a son / beloved wife'

Everybody on this earth has the love towards his/her own children.  In fact Allah the CREATOR has put this  love not only to man  but love also transgresses into the animal kingdom as well.

At the time of Prophet Noah a.s (peace be upon Him) , after spending so many years (950 years) preaching the truth to his people , only a handful of people followed him.  One day Allah ordered Noah to build a boat on top of a high mountain.  During the construction of the ship, he underwent so many kind of jeers, bad mouthing and mockery from his own people including from his beloved son and wife.  Can you feel what Prophet Noah underwent at that time?  His effort inviting his beloved ones went in vain.  Was it?

Well the promise of Allah was true and always true to its minutest detail.  When the water and flood came suddenly from  the skies and water forcing itself from the grounds including their kitchens and bedrooms… the world became so confuse, and  black clouds looming over their heads.  No words could describe the fear as printed  on the faces of all his people.  By that time, Noah's ark was set afloat.  Men got drown so did the plants, animals .. and the homes.  In the Quran , it described the son of Noah was drowning in a big big ocean.  

Looking at this condition, out of  love  Prophet Noah (a.s) invited his son and wife to get onto his ship.  In the Quraan , he used the word ‘ O my Son ..  come …get onto papa’s ship ‘..   but the son ignore his dad’s last invitation .. and said arrogantly ‘..  NO .. I can still get on top of  that highest mountain ..   I can beat this flood..’

You know what .. Prophet Noah a.s.  saw his own son / wife being drown by the flood in front of his eyes.  The next day, week, month  .. after the flood had subsided and his ship anchored at Judi   .. Noah cried , wailed .. why Allah had drowned his own son/ wife. His life was suddenly .. so empty! 

 Looking at this condition, Allah Aza Wajala warned Noah .. Don’t be sad Noah .. only those of you who obeyed the messenger of Allah (Noah a.s) will be saved. They will attained success in this world and the hereafter. Those who disobeyed  Allah including your own son / wife .. I had drowned  them as disbelievers ..   to be a lesson to the following generations to come .. hidayah and taufiq is only ONTO ME ALONE.  You can invite , but hidayah and Taufiq .. seeking  the truth .. it is only me who knows more than you.  Noah.  From that moment, Noah repented and stayed true as the messenger of Allah till death ..  

Now if we reflect back at our  generation, through the FACEBOOK, many people displayed their love towards their children including my beloved children.   After getting married, their first child was on their FB.  Another one came, another FB.  In fact all the FB showed the parents poured so much love to their own children by giving good clothing, good food, education and travel and much much more love.  Everything on the Facebook. where  the technology is invented by the kafir (they said!)

The flood in Noah a.s . is transformed onto 3 things at present:

(i)                   Good income, good food and good home(s), of course more and more debts
(ii)                A lot of information coming through our eyes, ears and hearts. Now seeing is believing? Iman is faith without seeing? By that  we forgot who our own CREATOR is/  we rarely touched the Holy Quran, miss 5 x daily prayers not only the men but also the women , we think it was inhuman to wake up quietly in the last quarter of the night begging for Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.. Why? we are so tired with 
(iii)               Too much work, buying milk, puting susu,  nurseries, maids, schools, polytechnics, universities, internet, communications , films, video clips, Apple, Samsung, FACEBOOK, demonstrations towards IOM , newspapers , working and social demands, advertisement, Najib's BUDGET 2013  BN promise so and so and  etc etc

We do not feel we are drowned .... indeed!  Luckily , there is a group of people who came to our home .. called Jamaah Dakwah and Tabligh .. they invite us without  getting  paid . Their message ‘..  obey Allah .. follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Do jihad with your wealth, time, health, youth and this instance minute when you are still alive ..  get yourself to be recognized by Allah ..”

If not we will be drowned just like the son/ wife and the people of Noah a.s  many thousands years ago. See Acheh Indonesia and a town in Japan.

Onto Allah .. I have spread this for my own reminder  (most importantly .. of all) and the coming wrath to my own people and our many  wrong doings. Do repentance. Ya Allah . .. witness this.  May God forgives me and my readers where ever they are.  Ameen.  
 Sazali Khalid.  Ph.D
\0700 am.  Sept 30, 2012  ( after reading surah Noah a.s. from the Holy Quran)  


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