Why B-T-N course ?

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I remembered 1993/94 the time when I got a letter to undergo BTN course in IAB, Sri Layang , Selangor.  Biro Tata Negara.  A course to instill the love of Malaysia into the heart of the cream malay officers (that time ..).  He..he..

 Usually if you got government sponsorship (scholarship)  , you are required to attend a  b-t-n course.  BIRO TATA NEGARA.


The answers are easy:
1.       So that you become good citizen in this country/ overseas
2.       You know your real job overseas – to study and get your masters/ PhD
3.       You can become  a ‘small’ diplomat for our country
4.       You will return home after your course is over/  medicine scholar sometimes over stay and may be got married to a mat salleh and never return again/ they say ..Malaysia .. not good any more – if you pay pea nuts  meant for  the monkeys then don’t expect we want to come back to work for the nation any more.  They just like ‘kacang lupakan kulit’ – ungrateful lot.
       You know how to appreciate the publics’ money and their expectation.

But life was not that simple when you were abroad.
I was in Grantham and Birmingham once upon a time.
I met few students .. I knew they were Malaysians but they confessed  they were Singaporeans/ Hong Kong guys.
They always  feel reluctant to attend (Malaysian Students Depertment ) MSD’s annual, monthly, weekly event especially if any big minister came with their wives, children and clans.  They will say they are so busy. 

By not attending many events, they lost contact with their roots.  Soon they started  ‘hating’ anything about Malaysians.

What are the things? 
-           The wages in Malaysia so low compared to UK, USA, Europe, Singapore
-          The system politically – not fair to some people
-          The system – legal – no justice
-          The teaching quality in Malaysian universities, schools etc  so lagging behind as compared to Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea
-          Public toilets  in Malaysia – so dirty – like cows shed 24/7; 
-          Malaysians are uncivilized/  in fact everything Malaysian is so lousy to their eyes.
-           Chinese / Indians so much discriminated/  not many in the government sector/ no promotion – they claimed
-          In fact 99 percent Malaysia is so bad to their eyes/
As a result,  the government created this BTN course since 50 years ago.

I saw the students were very good during the BTN course/  soon after 2 years in UK .. few of them changed from being so obedient to be so different as Malaysians.

They regret being born in Malaysia/  they told their English lecturers, friends, .. the Malays are so cruel.  The Malays never give any chance such as them gaining admission into boarding schools, scholarships, get better jobs once they graduated.  They could easily spread hatred because they can go discotiques, football grounds , pubs 24/7 overseas.  According to my reading if 20% Malaysian were there as sponsored students , then 80% of them were FAMA sponsored.  (FAMA =  father mother’s own money).  If there were 10,000 sponsored students then there could be 100,000 non-sponsored students.  Ten times more!  They forgot one important thing -  their parents business flourished in a peaceful but multi cultural country.  they didn’t compare other countries which use 1 language ..but they ended killing each other.  Alas..  They always see the small snails , butterflies and mosquitoes  that disrupted their daily sleep when a    big elephant in front of their eyes ..they failed to see .

Pity melayu!  We were limited to the compound of the universities, mosques, hostels, MSD, halal Pakistani sundry shops etc etc.  We avoided discos, womenizing, hard drinks etc etc .. and most of the time ..malays stay together all the time when they were overseas. Mind you few Malays drove expensive cars like BMW and Merx while golf sticks may be may be in the boots.  Any way  It was quite tough to invite non-malays to join any social activities like dakwah, usrah .. may be may be .. religion differences.  Soon the spirit of BTN is lost once and for all.

In STAR(Malaysia) papers, every day we can read ..educated people complain so many things about Malaysia.  Not only our Bahasa got criticism, but also our universities because 60% staff are malays etc.  They belittle us a lot by saying that Singapore is too advance than Malaysian universities because there many professor are not malays.  See?  The daily debate is  non Malays much cleverer than the Malays.  In fact they should be the leaders in all sectors! 

To prevent this ill feeling , BTN is introduced, re-introduced, invent , re-invented and innovate. Why> because we love Malaysia.   (Malays  -    in action). 

p/s:  If they can rename this country and replaced it /  just ask .. is there any possibility the new branded  country .. be able to get on the map of this world?  Ceylon =  sri langka.  

Sekian.  Wallah hu aklam / God knows Best.  After some time due to meritocracy .. Malays is losing their big cake proportions from NEP 1970’s.  I heard out of 10 chances overseas , Malays getting 4 – 6 seats only;  the rest goes to non-malays.  Last time 50  years ago, out of 10 chances , the Malays got at least 8.  That is why we are now here .  Be thankful please once and for all.  Don’t oppose the government too much.  if we oppose .. we are biting the masters' hands in one way or other. 


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