Sesi masak memasak (3)

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Today too much news about that mad student exposing his bum/ anus to the potrait of the most respected Premier of Malaysia.  To make things worse, he was expelled from his college.  Ughh what a horrible step he made out of himself.  Sometimes, 1 minute stupidity drives us to 10000 days of agony!

I didn't follow too much TV3 news.  I prefer to cook something for my 2 girls and myself.

The menu is cooking chicken curry.  Expected time to complete:  45 minutes only.  Budget RM25 for three of us.  Their mum is on holiday.  Kenduri time in her village.  Relax. Don;t worry. The daddy takes over as the main chef.

The steps are as follows:

(i)  cut the onions and garlic.  Make sure the onions are 2 - 3 times more than the garlic.
(ii)  take out the cooking pot and put it on the flame.  Put some cooking oil and put a middle flame on.
(iii)  once you see that the pot has made some 'smell'', put on the onions and stir them.  It will take you less than 7 minutes before you will notice that the onions and the garlic will produce some smell.
(iv)  once you see that the onions are getting brownish ..  and  browner and browner  .. put some liquid that consists of the ADABI Curry plus temarind (air asam jawa) meant for the chicken tonight.  All the liqid goes into the hot pot.  pour the liquid slowly.  Don't rush.
(v)  stir the onions plus the curry liquid slowly.  Give it 5 - 8 minutes when you will smell another kind of good strong curry 'smoke' emerging from the cooking pot.  If that happens ..

(vi)  put the chicken. Don't put the whole chicken please.  Give 3 - 4 pieces of the chicken slowly into the pot.  Put some water so that the chicken will stay submerge under the water.  Put middle flame.  If the chicken is not too much , be sure , insyaallah it will take at most 15 - 20 minutes to get itself cooked.  Rememer to put on the lid of the cooking pot carefully so that the steam accumulated inside the pot will not disappear into your chicken .
(vii)  while cooking, busy yourself with zikir.  Say Subhanallah, alhamdulilah and Allah huakbar.  Talk to your girls to prepare the dining table.  Put up the 3 plates.  You can also talk softly to your girls the importance of being a great cook.
like your mum.  He..he.. this is called motivation.  While the chicken is geting cook, ask your eldest girl to prepare some sambal belachan.  this is a paste that create more 'nafsu' to eat the main food very well.  The sambal belachan can consist of ikan bilis plus chillies plus sugar plus lemon juice. Ask your girl to pound the ikan bilis well.  This is indoor exercise that builds some muscle.  Relax!
(viii)  soon, the lid of the cooking pot will dance slowly up and down .. on the fire.  This indicates that the chicken  is about to cook. 
(ix)  the next step is put some santan (cocunut milk) into the cooking pot.  You can also put some potatoes and tomatoes into the pot as well.  Put some salt. if there are 3 - 4 pieces of chicken , just add 1 sponful of salt.  Put some water if you like.
(x)  now wait a further 10 minutes.  Say 'allahum ma soli ala sayidinna muhammad , wa ala alihi syadina   muhammad' a few times.  By doing zikir, you get many things other than the chicken.  You get the blessings of the AlMighty God.

(xii) soon the cooked curry  is well ready.  You can smell its nice curry plus all those fully cooked potatoes + tomatoes.


Now put the chicken into a PYREX container.  make sure you are using the best plates as possible.  Don't wait for other occasions because we do not know what will happen to us tomorrow.  The mother likes to keep all the best plates for bigger occacison.  But during her absence, I will use all the
best plates tonight!

You feel diffeently if you cook simple chicken and serve it on a nice PYREX plates.  He..he..

You can ask your girls to cut small pieces of cucumber, lemons and salad.  Decorate the chicken with anything you want.  Get the 'Flowers' you like ..make sure the chicken look so nice with the flowers at the edge of the plate .  He..he..

Now serve the rice and the chicken curry.  I prepare 3-4 pieces of chicken so that we can share with our children.  Small proportion each.  If we prepare a big chicken, may be we cannot finish it in one sitting.
Read a short muslim prayer like ' Allah hum barik lana ma razak tana wa qinna aza bannnarrr'.  Ameen.  and we can start taking our dinner.
So at 45th minute we can take our dinner together as a happy family.

No need mamak food at the nearest restaurat from our house.  The cook is always ready.
He.he..  by staying indoor we can safe our eyes from seeing sexy girls serving their food for us.  More over, I am sure my cooking is a bit better than theirs. Why?  because we have to wait .. and sometimes we also get angry if we ordered so many things and after 30 minute wait of those sexy girls will come to our table and say '...sorry Sir.  all the chicken we have is already finished.  Do you mind if we prepare fried eggss only Sir?"  see...............  anything can happen

Wallahu aklam.  p/s:  good family skills begin at the dining table.  Which better place to teach our girls than our own closed dining hall?  right!


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