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I read a report about why English should be used for maths and science teaching in Malaysian schools from Primary - Secondary Level of educations.  written by Tg Munawirah Putra.

I saw the graph from the Ministry of Education.  Based on all the states using the dual language from 2002 - 2011.  FYI, PPSMI was stopped 'effectively' by Nov 2011 last year.The rural malays complained that their children lagged behind in maths and science by using English.  Therefore the government switched to Malaysian language.

2)  The strangest things that  I saw was in the states of Kelantan and Terengganu both languages were used upto 80% most of the time by the teachers and students.

Another strangest thing was the performance of UPSR, PMR and SPM was very impressive i.e. beyond 90% , beyond 85% and  beyond 85%  respectively percentage of passes in science and maths 2004 -2011.

what make me feel weird is ,  if all the states were doing so well in maths and science using english .. why should we stopped.

in kelantan, my beloved state, secondary schools used english as the medium of instruction more than 80% all the time while in the primary schools ..there.. morethan 90%.  since kelantan is considered very rural as compared to other states like Wilayah (Kuala Lumpur) , Perak and Johor ..  I sincerely think kelantanese students are doing well too.  That was what I interpreted from the graphs in page 24-25 of Focus report.  But . .. why the government stopped?  we had spent more than 2 billion ringgit to let PPSMI be a successs in this part of the world ..n then suddenly .. we stopped just because the malay parents think otherwise.

I checked the answer scripts by my students at diploma and degree levels .. so far looked so OK ma.  Nothing seriously wrong.  I didn't say the english was extremely good but they are doing quite well indeed.

If after spending more than 2 billion rm .. and looking at the graphs as an evidence ..we stopped the brilliant ppsmi -  i think we r the most .................................... strangest country on earth.  What would you say?  Suddenly , after things look so well going .. one minister ..out there .. think taking english literature alone instead of maths and science in english + english subject as it is ..  our level of english will improve much more dramatically leaps and bound.  Here i started to scratch my head with few white hair  and digging deeply into my nose ..feeling ...  so  s__pid.


3)  I went to a cluster school yesterday in selangor.  i sat under a wakaf ..while there is a discussion of maths going on  in one of the classes .. u no wat ?  they r using malay now ..  discussing add maths .  I thought cluster schools will still hold strong in english for maths n science ..  but .. i was wrong.  It seems that cluster schools are jumping so soon .. teaching maths in malay.  if cluster schools are like this ... i just wonder what my teacher friends in Kuala Balah, Kelantan used .. in maths there?  how about my teacher friends in Simpang Ampat in Perlis and ..more schools in Sabah and Sarawak? in short , we ..poured the rm2 billion ..into the drain so soon.  Great job teachers.

Wallahu hu aklam.


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