Where our time went ..

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When I was a lecturer in a   ..  a lot of my time went to

(i)  drink coffee and nasi belauk ikan kembung / tambang
(ii)  at the coffee shop I met more friends.. we talk more and more
(iii)  after coffee, we came back to the office and do more work
(iv)  but suddenly , the rain came ..  more people came into my department .. wait until the rain stopped
(v) while they were in my opis , we talk talk more.  We argue sometimes .. the more we argue ..the more the rain came
(vi)  soon the cloud got more cloudy; the rain didn't stop
(vii) at noon we went to the mosque running in the rain
(viii) our clothes got wet/  we talked with wet wet friends
(ix)  after the noon prayer we went lunch

What i am trying to tell you is that   as a government servant ..we wasted so much time daily.  We wasted in

(a)  driving to the coffee shop 2 - 5 km from the learning institute(s)
(b)  talking, discussing , arguing many things  .. laughing at some FB pictures
then those talking was never related to my teaching/ getting me thinking any further; higher up in the Blooms Taxonomy scale
(c)  I think everyday I spent 2 - 4 hours ..  doing unrelated things.  It was a big sin.  Rezeki may be haramm.. ma?

Lucky indeed were those who worked in the government sector since s/he was young until death calls us apart.  why?  see .. how nice if you  are  so slow, lembab ...

If everyday we wasted 4 hours .. then 1 year we could have wasted 4 * 200 days = 800 hours /year

if we worked 30 years  -  then we could have wasted 800 * 30 =  24 000 hours/ working life


See .  that's some picture .. why we could not beat ..  other asian countries like Japan, Korea and China in terms of productivity. We lost in football and hockey.  why?  punctuality/ discipline/ honesty.  That time could have been used for writing a book, a journal, a novel by any top ranking officer  .. then if 1 officer wrote a book ..then if we have 100,000 officers .. we could have 100,000 books .. to share with our new generations.
There are so many things to write/  a bomoh can write many ways to cure .. some funny kind of diseases like ..malas.. lemah semangat .. not motivated ..not so excited looking at our spouses .. etc etc..

Well .what can I do .. i did not want to go out for any drink during the working hours ..but i got many friends who wanted to treat me;  if I did not follow they think I am so sombonggggggggggggg

Why can't the gomeng's department have a good decent canteen so that we can save all those .. wasted time which went unproductively ..

now in this university .. to drink 1 cup of coffee and 1 caripuff .. we have to spend RM5 petrol ..  if we wanted to eat  good food at lunch time // we have to fork out RM10 for petrol .. if in the process of going out for any tea break ..we got an accident .. to repair the car ..costing  RM1000 .. that is the price of 1 coffee and 1 caripuff ..see my dear? How about if we lost our life?  just for 1 coffee and 1 curipuff ?

they should build good canteen with good food, not only malaysian (javanese)  food but other kinds of food  grapes, sunkist, .. hindustani, yamanese  food and many many more, sup ekor lembu, kerbau, kambing , rusa and sup tulang kambing and  many many more ,,then ..  it is gonna fun to work here happily ever after.  I pity my students.  They walk so far ..burnt out 10,000 calories of energy just to get 1 coffee and 1 curipuffff ...  now they are caught in the heavy  rain.  What a stupid day it was!  Soon they fall ill and running nose? the whole class so noisy with wet wet noses.

If it is like that .. are  we not to regret .. repent all our wasted time 30 years down the road.
 Astagh firullah hal azeem

Think my dear please..............

Wallahu aklam.


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