Why I write ? (2)

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I write because I want to write something nice entitled 'Women are like flowers.'

2)  Every family starts with a pair of married couple called a husband and wife.  After some time .. God Willingly .. they are called parents to some children ( boys and girls).  In Islam, it is 'wajib'/ incumbent  to bring up the children from the perspective of Islam i.e., man and woman cannot mix freely like the cattle in Argentina and the merino sheep in New Zealand.

Women are regarded as flowers.  If a flower is touched by all kind of  monkeys in the zoo , what will happen to the flowers, my students?

Very clever you.  The flower losts its value.  It becomes 'layu' and 'busuk' ( droop, wither and rotten).

Similarly is a girl.  If we let our girls being 'played' by all kind of men ..then she lost her value too

and the parents especially the daddy is surely put to fault.  Why?  He has failed to  bring up their girls in a good muslim manner.

3)  The next question is ..how come the men play with the girl?  the answer some how .. is with the way the girls dress nowadays plus a lot from the internet/ youtube. Astahfirulah.  They are putting their 7 year old sister's dress  top but as tight as possible their jeans' bottom.  Their dresses are so tight in such a way that their boobs and bums are so inviting for the men to touch/ grope/ fondle/ handle.  Actually healthy men got animal feelings called satanic instincts. It is called that because syaitan (setan) always sit on the eyes of  the men since Adam  and initiated that 'giddy giddy' feelings between their legs. If the girls are selling directly or indirectly, why should the men not taking bigger  amount of risk moreover some men subscribed this jargon '.. no risk, no gain'.  So since the girls are risking their bodies and the men are 'calculating' their golden chances ..  ala ho ya ..  soon we will see many new born babies being discarded on the streets and drains throughout the country.  TV3 loves to carry this stories through out the day.

With that I leave you.. take care of yourself my girls .. I write because you are my own daughters , somebodies daughters etc etc .. and there is a strong urge behind my chest to voice up. You are my flowers!  Let it bloom properly and ..  may Allah gives you good life by obeying Allah and his messenger Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Wallah hu aklam


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