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Salam  (salutations and greetings my dear readers out there )

I have few more things that I manage to gather by reading few american books about maths late Wednesday  evening 5th September 2012.  I think it is good to pass around .  One of the pages (Hendrick and Chow, 2013)  is dedicated for me and you as my students or anybody whom I respect as my readers. Please bear this with me.   He..he..

They wrote the followings:

Point 1 -  A college / university  is a series of challenges that prepare you for a lifetime of learning and accomplishments.  Here you are taught how to manage your time, take notes, take tests , learn few strategies to learn effectively.  The college assign special people to help you doing this.

Point 2 -  why time management?  the success in the college / university depends on your ability to control yourself from doing two things -  one =  stupid things like watching video all the times  and two =  unnecessary things like doing shopping all the time with few groups of friends /  not knowing when to say 'NO'.  The time must be put most on studying important core subjects like maths, programmming, computer engineering and social skills like playing the role of a group leader.

Point 3 - Organize yourself - organization is critical for your success in the college and this is needed for your  personal study space as well as your course info.

Point 4 - commitment n perseverance /    if we believe we can do something and believe that what we r doing is important, we will be committed to doing it.

Point 5 - to study maths -  u must employ certain study skills including effective note taking, reviewing materials, studying soon after class.

Point 6 - goal setting -  Plan how to score 3.7 in the first semester,  3.8 in the third semester, 3.9  in the fifth semester and maintain those high points up to the end of your course.  CGPA?  CPA?

Point 7 -  learning strategies - review notes after class and review notes repeatedly for better retention before test and any kind of  examination.

Point 8 - focus and refocus -  take a moment b4 the sun sets / after the sun rises to remember what are you in the college/ this university for.  Is it because finding for a long term partner from Lagos?  Dakka?  Jakarta?    or Kota Bharu?  Keep sight of your short term and long term goals.  It will be worth it!

Point 9 -  reflection -  think about what you walk away with as you complete this course.  Deeper understanding of maths,  simple logic, critical solution, .. of what it takes to be successful  in a college math course.

Point 10- do you have the motivation to become great?  you do not need to have a handsome face like Bolt (the fastest runner on earth in London Olympic 2012),  beautiful face like Jo  Lopez (american actress) , .., . No need special gift or talent.  You are the only thing you need to make yourself great!  See?  Have u attended this college's convocation?  If u did .. u will see simple man like me walking the stage with degree, masters and PhD.  I did it and I am sure you can do it much better.  Why?  Because u take more powdered milk , more burgers than me , and you manage to attract all the nice girls in the college in motivating u doing the maths.  They did all the problem solving while you were there as a report binder/manager.  Right?

Point 11 -  Responsibility --  as a student u must be responsible for your education.  Not your dad and mum.    What I know from biology was they were the ones who were directly responsible to bring you out onto this cyberworld already.(Sazali and Helmi, 2012).  So their time time is over.  Next is you!  Study well my boy/ girl.  

Point 12 -  ohhss, aghhs ,, lastly .. persistence/  tabah/cekal ..  is the key ingredient in getting your degree  n achieving success in this life.  Completing a course at a time is the way to earn your BIT , BCS, BIC degree.  Courses become semesters, semesters become years and years become degrees.  See?

TQ so much.

May Allah pardon me with my small contribution like this. I have strong faith -  If a prostitute can be pardoned by the Al Mighty God . because of her willingness to help a thirsty dog in a big empty desert in Arabia ..I hope I do get some mercy from HIM .. by typing some of these wonderful points for you - my students.  Yes this is what I can do .

Wallahu ak lam.  ( GOD KNOWS BEST).


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