Amalan baik jangan berhenti OK

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Today is Wednesday 4th Sept 2012.  The weather is good except the cloud looks very moody and the wind beats my face as I walk to my RM90K machine (car).

Thanks be to Allah who has woken me up for another day.  Alhamdulilah! (sign of being grateful to the AlMighty GOD)

2)  As usual , I as a teacher/ lecturer , will report for duty before the clock strikes 0800 hours.  My aim today is to attend a computer course called 'AUTHOR'. Yes it is basically a one whole day course.  Jolly Good!  So I don't have to attend any thing from my faculty/ UTHM.

3)  If I drive my car , the first thing I do is to recite 'Bismillah and a short prayer Tawakal tu ala llah ' and ' Hasbiyallah ..  hi tawakal tu alla llah'  putting my whole life and affairs to the hands of Allah.  Yes as we drive our new car, of course you can either listen to morning talk by many DJs on the radio or you can just read small surahs which I called the last 10 surah.  Usually I do the latter.  Insyallah and alhamdulilah knowing that .. a letter of the Quraan if recited is given 10 hasanah.  So if I were to read 30 ayats , may be may be, I can get 20000 hasanah.  Yes every morning.  What is hasanah?  It is the currency that muslims will use once his/eyes are totally shut once s/he is dead.  We can not use Ringgit Maalysia anymore what more Indon's RUPEES.

4)  Other aims are:

we hope the knwoledge we got, we  can  deliver them well  for the benefit of the other people and we make a strong niat (intention)  we wil do our best in teaching, reading, talking, thinking, problem solving, helping others and smiling to the other people around us.  We should try to smile a lot because we have a 100 factor size smaller problem than the Prime Minister of Malaysia.  Our problem is much smaller in size as compared to KETUA POLIS NEGARA Datuk Ismail dealing with high index crime statististics daily , weekly and monthly.  Right?

He..he.. we must also laugh ..sometimes/ a lot ..well  why should we not laugh .. for we are just like everybody else .. we must be happy because we got jobs, wives, children, houses, cars, books, A4 papers, computers, .., ipAD, iPOD, iPAID .. maxis broadband .. you name it except of course we don't have palaces like Prince Philips, Prince Charles of England.  And it is correct , our wives are not as beautiful as the film stars from USA, Britain, China, Hong Kong ... but just stop and ask  .. SO WHAT?

Alhamdulilah ..with what we have all these times.  If you have the above, according to the kitab of Al-Mukminin .. we can be considered the richest man on earth.  I slept well last night .. grateful to Allah  ..  because I am sure somebody out there are not enjoying their sleep like mine.  Examples of those who did'nt sleep very well are those: worrying  why their wives left their homes , fearing they lost track of their daughters where they were last night, anxious with those temporary workers who can go to jobs that do not exist anymore today, while the prime minister of this country is thinking hard will BN be in complete control again after PRU13 in malaysia, how to gain the favours of the demanding chinese and indians while the malays are already divided into three big camps called PAS, PKR and UMNO.  Somebody is also worrying whether money can win the hearts of the prospective "pengundi" in this country.  Will Felda people be fully supporting us ..after getting so much RM along this 2 years before PRU13?  Oshhh so much to worry!

How about us?  No need to worry about that.  We just have simple students who read less, think less, eat less, but they have upper hands in IT skills exploring all that are available in the internet nightly.  Some of them lack sleep ,  and they are taking their motorbiles with their eyes 75% shut.  Why?  they lack sleep for they did a lot of research on the internet.

I think thats all for now.  I got to attend the AUTHOR computer course today.  Remember?  But be careful ok?


Wallahu aklam. 


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