Why are you so afraid to discuss?

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I got an enquiry regarding the table of matrix on doing research literature.  Here, I humbly put some guides for making things easy for you .my friends.

Let us say you have your matrix table properly constructed.  A matrix table here refers to a table based on reading research papers (MSc; PhD) using the following rubrics.  Date/  Author/  Year/  Title of paper/  Method/ Findings/ Strength/ Weaknesses /  your short but powerful Comment.

What to do next?
1.       You can make a comparison between each method/  based on similar results.  Sort out the papers using EXCEL.
2.       You can make comparison between similar results but different methods used.  Can you discuss them out?  Give yourself a chance to discuss them and try and put your research/ ur findings in the context of the above discussions.  Write the discussion out on paper/  print it out and let your buddy comment on your analytical discussions.  That  is what friends are for ( there is a song, you know).
3.       You can locate/ position  where your research is between 20 – 40 papers that you had read so far?  Can ‘t you ? Remember 1 paper ..you took 3 weeks at least to understand it . So 40 papers..  120 weeks.  That is more than a year readings right/  mathematically , it is about 2 years of your PhD time?   Next 1 .. year to design your new method/  get the method running and get results/  published the results ..  / Year 4?  Extend – your PhD time! He..he.. I think the Dekan will run after you with his golden umbrella (gun).  (Laugh)
4.       You can comment on some findings.  What will your comment look like?  Try and give a go at commenting findings from highly  impact factor journals/ papers. Try.  Put the comment in a paper for important WSEAS (data mining; virtual reality; software engineeing RFID, web technology) proceedings.  If your paper is accepted, at least few experts had thought you got guts young man.  Your idea can be presented. YoU must show you got balls man.
5.       How can you improve the above findings?  Is it through another method? Or u just extend the previous method?  Why did you say so?  Why is extension ..a good alternative?  You got any backings on that approach?  How viable is that approach?  Have you calculated the risk involved?  Now .. tawakal tu ala llah.  Doa siang dan malam.  Leh?
The beauty of discussion having something neat in front of your eyes in the form of a matrix table is so awesome because you are trained to focus to talk something based on the results in front of your eyes.  As a start, it is good to discuss from 2 papers.  Then try 3 papers and discuss.  Try next 5, 10 papers.  What are the patterns derived?  What is similar or strange about the findings? So what! Will your research be able to answer that gap?

If you  can argue confidently .. ala ho yah ..you found the research gap!


Sometimes you can group the papers from the same author.  Examples:  From 2000 – 2006 , Mat Deris was famous for data replication method (Data Mining).

You can begin your discussion with :  (for a start aim for 1 to 2 pages long paper/  then 3 – 4 pages/ try 5 – 8 pages//  .. god willing ..u will soon feel that  confidence .. building in you.  Good luck my friend(s).  Follow this format.
Topic sentence :  Mat Deris (2006) found that ..  (bla bla)  data replication method. 
Elaboration:  His work was based on Rong ‘s work (1997 – 2000) .  Mat DEris proved that his method was 3 times more efficient than Rong’s using (method).  He calculated the factor as 2 using .. (   ).  Put the figures / briefly describe the figures.

You can say Mat Deris was good in .. (this)
Mat Deris was good in (that) .

However, (now your CRITICISM) starts .. critic 1 ; critic 2; critic 3  Jangan takut!!!!  He won’t bomb you on the Puncak Alam Hills.
Support your critic 1 – 3 with some evidence.

Now .. suggest something ..like ..he hasn’t tried yet .. (this small thing).  Explain what that small thing.  Why is that thing so small/ how do you measure smallnest/ is size so important to you?

Close the discussion with:  this is the point where my research will delve .. (jump into this research).
A scholar is a scholar is a scholar who can talk about some bodies’ work and relate that work with his .. confidently on a stage ..  for 30 minutes/ 1 hour / 1 whole day.    Your discussion must have few theoretical and conceptual frameworks.  Must have some theories on your research area. Here is the opportunity for you to show case your expertise.  Insya allah.  He can do it, they can do it .. you can do it toooooooooo.  For heaven’s sake! Come back with 

 written by:
Dr Sazali Khalid.  Ph.D (Malaysia),  M. Ed (Birmingham), BSc (Leeds),  PGCE( Penang)

p/s:  Don't think that a small deed is small for Allah can put you to Heaven from this small act of yours
and don't think a bad deed is a small sin for Allah can put you to hell of fire from that small act that suddenly  replicate and treble quickly across the globe where men of all kinds imitates your small bad deed.  [Al-Quraan]  


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