Bak po nyor pulok

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Just now I saw a lady Prof .. warned us to write well because .. what we wrote on the blog or tweets or FB ..reflects ourselves.

I agree some of it though .

2)  Do you know that western professors wrote many serious things very well both on papers(books) or online .. and many people follow their advice to its minutest detail.  So far it is all ok. Nothing bad has ever happened based on the good knowledge.  Most references by the asian scholars are from the west.  Little is referred  from Saudi, Yaman, Iraq, Iran , Indonesia or even Malaysia.

3)  Good people seldom speak/ write much because .. they believe that everything will be asked by Al Mighty Allah one day in the day of judgement.  Even though they know 1 + 1 =/=2 , they won't write anything seriously because from day to day observation a mother and father if they sleep well together , there will be a baby , few more babies .. soon.  So 1+ 1 =/= 2?   AS a result , tons and tons of books were not written by  the so called Good People. Our people said this and said that.   That is why not much academic books were ever written by our own professors, teachers etc etc.  What I saw is .. most university  libraries in the eastern region .. are packed with books written by the western scholars.  May be we are so sensitive with .. what will be asked in the after life. or perhaps we know so little about our subject matter.  Results: we are just blind followers, we buy every thing example technology from the smallest size (mouse ) to the biggest  example  Submarine for the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Why are we so afraid of writing for the sake of sharing a bit of our own expertise?

4)  We can't write a great book unless we practice ..  but after so many practices .. sooner we will get a book that will be well referred by the people of the world/

but we cannot write much ...if we keep on thinking..  is this going to be a sin/ or not.  I saw many of us learnt tajwid ... through out their lives .. but not many of us practise that haram is haram as explained by the Holy Quraan .. example .. a woman reading the quran in a melodious voice.  Why haram?  the voice is haram.  See..we are so particular about something  and we lag in many more serious things. Now .. our food is manufactured by the kafirs .. they put halal labels ..  and not many of us inspite been told we were fooled.. we  are going directly to make food for our own people.
Stop ..  stop ..stop.  Let them write .. soon .. we will get the outcome /  writing culture and reading culture among our people. if all good people write something, then our own people will get something to read else .. all matters are produced by the bad people.  You say ..I never say that.
Just write from the core of your heart.  If ur heart is good, you will write well won't you?

May God pardon me.  Ameeen.
Wallahu aklam.


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