How to stay focus in a new university?

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Salam (greetings)

Sept 2012 is the time when many students register as university students in Malaysia and also in Great Britain @ England.

Some students ask me how can we stay focus when studying for degrees?

The answers are as follows:

(1)  don't bring  your hand phone with you when you are in the campus.  Why?  You will get less distraction from your friends who were constantly late for lectures, seminars and etc.  If you are less distracted you can read the power point much better. He..he..

(2)  don't pass your hp number as if you are a popular football star.  Just pass to close friends only.  If can, you can have few numbers - one for serious attention/  two -  for week ends only.  Finished!

(3)  the best is don't buy any hand phone.  History told me that we won't die if we did not own any mobile phones.  I think we can sleep much better as a student.  Why?  If we have mobile phones, many parties wanted to push information to us .. any kind of information such as your dog was hit by the rubbish van in your village 800 km from your university just now,  your dad getting married again to a Kemboja janda, your grand pa going to die soon for he is now in critical condition in a hospital some where in Kuala Lumpur. OMG!

(4)  try to be independent learner (student).  From history, it told me that university student is able to do independent study on his/her own.  He obtained very good results in GCE 'A' Levels , Matriculation Colleges, Polytechnics MOHE etc etc.  That is why he is in the university.  So try not to do so much discussion with your friends.

Try to walk , drive to the lecture theatre alone.  Have your breakfast alone in the mamak stall.  Yes alone.  You can plan better for the whole day.   Problem happens when you collaborate with all kinds of people.  Your car is the public transport for all your friends.  In fact, if your friend happened to arrive late in the vicinity ... s/he will call you to pick her up some where in the jungle/ PLUS Highway after mid night.  Stupid You!  sometimes you are inviting great trouble for yourself as the most beautiful student in town.

(5)  try to do less discussion with your friends.  History taught me .. discussion group created more trouble than virtues.  Have you heard easy passengers in discussion groups?  Yes, they are parasites.  They never contribute anything at all.(oops sorry dear).   Sometimes, you are the only one .. doing everything including being elected to be the driver so that all of you can discuss Question 1 Assigment 2 Subject :  Discrete Mathematics. in KFC in Uptown Batu Pahat.  Sometimes 1 or 2 of your members did not have that assignment paper.  Imagine?  they lost their bags.  You are just wasting your time ..  carrying these passengers from Semester 1 to Semester 7.  Believe me!

I think if you should learn to say many NO than YES .. you can focus more in your study here .. God Willingly.

Examples of things you must learn to say NO:

5.1  maria .. can I borrow your laptop please?  NO
5.2 maria .. is it possible I use you car to fetch my boyfriend ?  NO NO NO - go away.
5.3  maria .. you have any extra bucks with you ?  NO
5.4  maria ..  can you sign my name in Dr S lecture today?  NO NO NO NO

sometime just say NO before he finished his enquiry ..  you save your skin , really.

Examples of things you can say YES:

5.5 Is maths lecture 0800 am Maria?  YES
5.6  Is that a variable ?  YES
5.7  I can't hardly see his writings on the board.  Can you Maria?  YES you are damn right boy.

I think that is all for today.  Stay with your fire ( your real aim of coming to a university).  Get the best degree.  Your parents will be proud of you.

My doa for myself and you of course.

Dr S.
Ph.d (Malaysia),  M Comp in Education (Birmingham), BSc Operations Research & Computing (Leeds), GCE 'A' Levels (Grantham, Lincs.)

Wallah hu aklam.  


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