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If you are new to the university , look at what I got from a maths intermediate algebra book.

The authors stressed on 5P.

P  =  Proper
P =   Prepare to class, lecture, laboratory
P =   Prevents
P =   Poor
P  =  Performance

---  let me elaborate what I understood by that:

proper =  put on the right dress;  attires; clothings, I.T. beg ;  if you want to look nice iron your clothes
prepare =  plan to class ,  wake up a bit early,  take breakfast like 2 roti plus a jug of hot milo and fruits
prevents =  prevents from injury like .. rushing to class on a motorbike driven at fast speed.  Why? u r late
poor  =  poor preparations like no pen, papers to write some notes , poor sight at the back of a big hall can't see the lecturer's method of solving the maths problems

performance =  if you do not prepare well .. you will end up missing so many important tips for Test1, Test2 and the final examination of the semester.

Thats it!  so simple.  
wa llahu aklam


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