Our backyard has changed

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Malaysia is famous for its nice beaches , white and clear crystal water ,  rocks and corals.  The weather is clear blue sky and it is really so nice.  It is also famous for its population which not only a multicultural but also  multi-religions - the unique thing about us is we can live together. since 1957.

But suddenly after year 2000, our backyard has changed.  Why?  We found many foreigners  from many countries all over the world.  Why?  Malaysia is now an educational hub.  many countries are sending their  students to read diplomas, degrees, masters and Ph.D.  Some of them come over to learn English from us.  Sound great , isn't it?  FYI, private institutions is more than 500 + while public universities 21.

aS A Result, we teachers and lecturers have to change, adapt, creative and innovate our style of teaching and learning.

Our students are doing things more online than holding the text books.  They prefer to write essays , refer to somebodies' ideas and adapt the content and finally claim it is all as their original work.  They put colourful covers in order to get good grades from their teachers.  Their parents have turned onto their part-time drivers, going photostating, and many parents doing all kinds of other jobs closely related to their children's education.  If the children go tuition, the father goes tuition too.   if the children go to the jungle to learn biology , the mum is out there watching.  In short, they pamper their children so much.  In fact if the boys enter the new universities, the parents keep on visiting the boys to "lipat kains, atur kasut" and many more.  Soon the boys look more like girls. Not only the students like to surf for information and lessons from the internet, their grand parents too join the trend by facebook here and facebook there.  Suddenly they become young again by looking at their old flames (girlfriends 40 - 60 years ago).  It's good, isn't it?  Our grand dad that has lost all his teeth is suddenly imagining some simpler ways to contact with their old loved girlfriends from  their old schools.  Things become more exciting when they learnt their loved ones are now living all alone after their husbands had passed away. After that they go jogging and do a lot of facial so that they become young again.  Their age is 63 but after ..  some time jogging ..  and lots of perasan they think they are back to 36 years old AGAIN.  He..he..  interesting?  What I mean is that the world is changing so rapidly.  As a result we teachers must know how to address this trend when school children , parents and grand parents enjoy 'studying' many things from the internet.  Their doa is getting shorter now.  Their recitation of Quraan is also getting shorter and shorter ..  I mean the time, focus, and .. relying on the power of Allah The Al-Mighty.  last time they sat on the prayer mats for at least 30 minutes but now .. they will quickly grab their hp .. in case somebody has contacted them again.  God becomes less and less important. Instead other things are becoming so important as each day passes on.   Anxiety and stress  becomes the disease and some of them passed away in their sleep knowingly and also unknowingly. Some can't even sleep.

When foreigners are living next door to us, we must teach our girls some important steps to avoid .. day light hijacking .. you know what I mean?  Some bright girls follow their boyfriends to Indonesia, Africa and Arabian countries.  Why did this happen?  one of the reasons is ..  internet, facebook and handphone technologies.  Lonely teachers age 55 ~ 65 also lost their money from their 'friends' they befriended from the internet.  See?  we teachers must react fast.  In any village and town, teachers are regarded as clever and wise group of people.  The irony is ..teachers are also cheated high and dry.

Gone are the days when we can talk, teach and the students to listen attentively 24/7.  Now their female bodies are in the classrooms but their minds are already in Bandung, Hanoi and zoom..   Air Asia.  TQ so much Air Asia.

As a conclusion, as a teacher, we must be careful, extra more careful with our next door neigbours.  Try to know our malaysian neighbours very well .. who knows one day you need their help.

With that .. I think the blue print  in the Education Plan 2013 - 2025 has something to address to the above issues.

TQ. Wasallam/ God knows best.  We must build the iman/faith of ourselves and our family members all the time.  Doa we die as mukmin and mukminats.  Ameen.


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