Allah is

Posted by sazali

Allah is great. He created us.

Allah is kind.
With his kindness, most mums takevcare of us.

Allah is ever forgiving.
He lets us drink water ..sweet everyday.
We commit many mistakes ..yet the water we drink the taste never change.  See how he forgives us?
The chinese drink sweet water. The dogs, horses and pigs all get sweet water.
So does the muslim. Same taste ..the water I mean?

Allah is the strongest.
He destroys many nations.
Flood, earthquake, droughts and all kinds of diseases.

All within his commands.

Kun fa ya kun.

Let us repents.
Think nice about Allah.  He can give us something and He can rob that nikmat again anytime.  Examples:  last night we got a pair of eyes. With the eyes we see anything, everything and all the times.  Come today, our eyes are blind so suddenly.  Why?  accident.

So say lots and lots of thank ya Allah.

Shall we?



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