Extended apology

Posted by sazali


We need Allah all the time.

but Allah not helping us lah.PROOF.

1.  Muslims countries so poor.

The rich not helping the poors hard enough.
They wasted so much money.  Syaitan and devils their friends. So how Allah wanted to help?

2.  Our actions so stupid.
Example 1MDB.  The whole country look so stupid. They got cheated.  The kafirs are laughing the malays and their point of reference
the so called arabs.

Never has any body laugh n jeer at us at this grand scale ..until this story donations of a huge scale.
All happening now.  So when u created some story ..that kafir could laugh ..how can Allah help us.  YOU created the shit ..so you do something on it.  The arab wrote..allah wont change any body except u yourself sorted it all by yourself.  Easy.  We looked damn foolish.

3.  Many  calamities.  Earthquakes, wars, flood.  Allah sents all kinds of terrible things here.
if Allah love us because of our doa ..how come all these?
The doa has brought nothing except misery.  Pelestine?  Any thing has changed after all those doa?  I don't know.
The more we pump arabic doa ..the more misery is coming one after the other.
if we read doa ..in chinese n mongoliasn  .. what will happen?
The arabs said this ineffective doa happen ..we eat haram. We did haram. Many haram things we had committed. We lied. Packs of lies. Created stories. Doctored documents.
The children ignored their parents and the parents also ignored their own mums.  A whole bunch of stories. One after  the other.  There was a story ..si Tenggang.  A disrespectful son.  He became rock because his mother wanted that ..really?

see?  What must we do?

what r we suppose to do?

ANY ANSWERS PLZ.  I do not know the answer. If i know, i shouldnt be just a teacher. At least i should be promoted as the Prime Minister.

if not, the highest ranking mufti here.


this ramadhan let us doa. Allah get rid of all these 'problem makers'  once n for all.

let us see what happeng with 2016 doa in terawih, lailatul qadha, haji and umrahs. Any results or not?

Any one going to bet with me please ..the result I mean?
will we be saved?


astaghfirullah hal azeem.



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