Believe or not?

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Today i sent Prof Isoda home at the airport.

While travelling, i google his name.
Isoda Masami.
My god many about him.

I klebex one or two of the links ..
My god famous him.

2)  Next i type my name.

Surprise ..surprise ..
Me was called  an anthropologist by

My ex PHD sv

I got 3  SV

all their names came mine.

What is that fuss?

So i check wikipedia

There it goes..

Someone who studies human origins, societies and cultures.. behaviour
Languages. Human socializing models etc etc. that hah.

Me  (anthropologist)?

I reflect my taste.

Did i like languages?
.did i like to describe humans' behaviour?

I wrote someone on the air plane ..toilet.
I got so many bad comments from the readers.  They must be very angry.

Ha .ha.ha.. it showed hurts when we talked the truth.  A wet wet soaking toilet 25,000 feet above my house.

Did i like social theory?
Yes ..motivation, attitude, laziness and  human characters and behaviour.

So where is your maths?

Aghh.. why bother?
If my SV parked me as an anthropologist be it  , boy?
Ok lah.  Right?


I MUST learn to accept that..

An honour to know that..

My first SV ..Ph.d in Sussex, UK. Architecture + education.
My second SV ..Ph.d Manchester, UK .. engineering + education.
My third SV ..Ph.d Stratclyd ..scotland.  organizational theory in I.T.
My internal examiner ..Ph.d Oregon State  University, usa.  Assessment n Evaluation.
My external  examiner ..Ph.d Brunel London. MATHS
another  external examiner ..Ph.d  Leeds Univ. Chemistry Edu.
my VIVA chairman ... Ph.d  Lanchester univ.


So that's what i  am  , may be?

3)  So an anthropologist , huh?.  Hope i can contribute something to my country.  Santai way.

Tq   Profs.  UTHM  univ  too hot  ma?

WAsallam  UTHM  =  U  THINK HARDER  man


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