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Today ..  cuaca a bit cool here.  Luckily I am fasting .. rejab.

2)  I saw the stats .. malaysian students from India have just started reading this blog.

Welcome .. boy and girls ( most probably Malaysian students in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi).

Never mind .. you are late ..but better late than never.  This blog was on since 2010 after my Ph.D journey.  It was a long journey but with the ikhsan and hidayah of Allah ..i made it eventually.

I want to express my gratefulness to those students from UK, Russia, USA, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, S Korea, Romania, United emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Yemen, and many other places who have supported this small effort directly or indirectly in putting  few sentences daily . I hope you can benefit some of those writing that was done almost anytime and anywhere. Tq once again.  Last year I got some visits from Israel.

3)  For recap .. i wrote few things like

3.1  master and phd tips
3.2  dont be afraid  taking phd my son
3.3  an example of a chapter 6 concluding chapter Ph.D
3.4 health and well being
3.5  religious issues -  6 points in Tabligh jamaah and
many more . Alhamdulilah

I write for sharing my experience here and there.  If you like them, tell the others else ..
don't worry .  I am ok, honestly.  Moreover, it is free.

My malay friends said '..if it is free .. no body cares .. lah

but I replied

that is ok for me ..  because writing is just an ibadat (good amal). People read or no read it is just my simple ibadat. Hopefully Allah accepts my intention.

Somebody .. selling .. their products ;  some designing cards , birthday souvenirs and many more.  I think they must be rich by now. He he he

but here , I pen down things for every body under the sun.


4)  If we go to any public toilets in Malaysia, they charge you 30 sen.  In spite of that, sometimes there is not enough light, shortage of water and many more complaints.  Some got to wade in the water ..  (laugh)

But here in this blog .. it is just free insya allah.  Help yourself please.  Don't worry ..if I can stay healthy daily ..that is all I need from the al Mighty Allah.

Health is gold.  Better health is heavier gold and diamonds ..  but in the eyes of Allah

taufiq and hidayah is the most sacred thing ..  if HE gives me that .. I think that suffice for now, tomorrow and life after this.

Pray for me too please so that .. i die in iman and Allah is pleased with all of us - readers and this humble writer.



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