sleeping too late

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Human sleeps at night and of course
he wakes up in the day.

Using that simple routine, he attains his health and strength.

But now many students do not sleep that early any more.
They spend their nights in completing assignments in groups or individually.

When sleeping late has become a habit this creates many problem especially their health and well being.

In the morning they rush to the classes.
Sometimes they make it and sometimes they don't.
Small accidents happen if we are sleeping behind the wheels.
More over it is very dangerous to rush.
Our heart would suffer a lot when we lack sleep and always on the rush in the early part of the day.

Stress is associated with so many jobs within a short time that needs our immediate attention.

Insomnia is about sleeping disorder.  Hyper-somnia is sleeping a lot. Both are dangerous. Better to be sleeping moderately example 6 to 7 hours would be sufficient.

We die earlier if we do not take care of our heart.

In the human body., the heart  is the most important organ.
so please take care.

As a teacher i try to sleep early. In the day i spend my time doing my reading and teaching.
I hardly take sick leave in my 26 to 56 age working period.

So I advise everybody to sleep earlier in the night. Please. You live longer. Believe me?

2)  Taking coffee is another kind of problem. I was advised not to drink too much coffee. It contains caffeine. A form of drug.  With caffeine in our blood system, it is difficult to let nutrients into our bodies.  Medicine cannot be absorbed effectively when we have so much caffeine in our blood. But taking coffee, nescafe has become so popular among  the students.  They drink coffee to stay up all the nights. So these lead to many health issues when they start working or families. So be careful.

Another serious issue is some of my students are taking coffee that is meant for 60, 70,80, 90 old man who wants to maintain good health ever after. Now my readers can see ..if things got so extended for 25 year old student ..where to bring huh?

 From my books, it is dangerous to do so .. because some tongkat ali do not dissolve very well in our blood stream + kidneys.  In USM Kubang Kerian, there are many proofs ..  dead men because of 'burnt out' kidneys.  Sorry guys .. just to pass the news.  So avoid coffee please. Take Milo , teh o , horlicks ..  hot lemon juice + a drop of pure honey.

Sleep early. Waking up early is always the best in the long run. Prevention is better than cure.
I heard to undergo heart operation this would cost more than your Myvi or a new link house.  So think about it young man.

wallahu aklam.  Allah knows better than us.


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