Worry or no Worry

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Man has so many worries.

If the man worries that much ..

the lady has more worries.  Let

 get the facts right. Here.

Worry man = 123

Woman = 1234

Easy, right?  just add another '4' at the end.

2) why does a lady  worry so much especially at this 2 periods of her life?

From research and close interviews

First worry .. when to get married and to whom?  This happen if she is age 17 to 37

Second worry ..if she has many daughters 1,2,3,4,5, ..nth

who will marry her daughters now?

pity.. her.

3) The first week I got married .. my wife told me .

when a girl got married ..

she has no worry any more.  All her worry disappear.  Bravo!

I asked the reason.

SHE SAID ..     I am already a Puan/ Mrs.  Settle?

Oh I see ..lucky you.  Age 20 ++  ..she was already a Puan.  See?
Me ?  23 ++

4) The conclusion is

when a man marries a girl ..all the responsibilities of a father .. credited into the 'big' mans account.


You are a serious man indeed.  See the word .. credit transfer?

What does that mean accountant?

The answers are as follows:

A)  if she does not pray 5x a day , fasting 20 days in Ramadhan  , back biting , no covering over her head, going here and there with tight jeans where many eyes of the boys could pop out any time may , see through t-shirt with a label 'go to hell dad' ..  for examples .. all her sins ..go into your responsibilities.

B)  if she disobey Allah ..  all the sins ..  directly get onto your head/ shoulders and many more.

One day .. when you are about to enter PARADISE

suddenly ..you are stopped to proceed any further further ..why?

B1-  your disobedient wife
B2 - your horrible daughters
B3 - your arrogant mother
B4 - ooops I forget .. what is that my dear?

That is why .. when marrying some one do not rely on google , Facebook, Instagram..

many are just pretending so and so ..

So avoid ..  you will be saved this dunia or akhirat.  Follow that 4 golden rules + 'itik rule'.  Did you ever see  duck walking .. See how her bottom sway from side to side ... good/ u get my point!

The girls can use that golden rule too. Get the right man please.  Do a lot of solat 'apa tu?'  deciding which is best to get russian or mongolian horseman.
  Istikharah //  see  the doa .. great doa. You won't get loss.

Rely on Allah a lot in this life.  You won't regret it.

Thank you myself.  I let off something that I know. Many years ago in my chest.
Now I feel so relieve to have told the big big big world.

Reference:  The Teachings of Islam.   Maulana Zakariyya - Shaharanpur  , India.  1960.


Yours faithfully
Dr S.  Ph.d
35 years ..many storms and wild , very tall water ..but syukur I never run or jump from the ship what come may (laugh).


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