is dunia syurga or vice versa?

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Dunia is an Arabic word that means this world that we live in.

Dunia has 24 hours night, day, night per day.
Dunia has 4 seasons called summer, autumn, winter, spring.

I had experienced that before.

Dunia has 6 continents.  Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia and India china.
 If Allah ask me ..what did you do during your young age ... i hope the soils, rocks and the Niagara Falls will help me as  witnesses.  I mentioned Subhanallah, alhamdulillah and Allahuakbar.  Did I dear rocks, boulders and mountains?

I had seen some dunia too. Allah has spread his wing for me to see the world.  My idola is the late Colonel Amirruddin ( may Allah bless him). He was a Pakistani by origin.   He lived in California. My best orator is Prof Naim Chaudry , Cambridge University.

2)  This dunia has many kinds of women.  The late Colonel Amiruddin used to say "..
I think i had seen  the most beautiful and also the most ugliest (may be).
So i had seen a lot of dunia with this pair of eyes. Women is a part of the temptation in this world.  Many great men lost in the arms of women examples Napoleon Bonapart.  He died because of siplish.  So did Hitler.   Rasulullah s.a.w. asked us to read doa ...get away from the fitnah of women.  Some women are big spenders.   Not only their spendar big, they spent as if there will no tomorrow.

But this world is temporary.  Don't  worry big spender".

Today she is pretty   come 40 50 years down the road ..she has lost that beauty.  Time and tide take all those nikmat. All under her nose and eyes.  Using Instagram/FB, God can tell u faster ..your time is over my dear.

Sometimes no teeth  bro.

Lady without teeth is  ....e.
Man without biting power is also ........e.


3)  I started with dunia is syurga is akhirat , right?  Laugh.

Yes. Allah gives  us a sample of akhirat here.  Some got good houses, jobs, wives, well being etc etc.  The next day they got suck by the earthquakes and many disasters. Remember Highland Towers?  Beloved ones got suck by the catastrophe ..if Allah decides so.  This is to warn u and me.  See Tsunami?

If u study statistics, u take sample.

By sampling, u see some characteristics of the real thing.

So  am I  ..settled out now?  laugh.

I have seen the 'akhirat.  I used the word  'seen' here.  Seen is different from actual feeling in the real sense. See the wars between Kuwait and Iraq?  Seen the big tsunami in Acheh?  So we had seen a sample of akhirat ..war, fire, killing, pain and men got drowned in the big swirling pool of water.  All in front of our naked eyes.  To teach human ..there is akhirat coming.  That is a part of akhirat.

The world of doom.

Dunia has wars.  Dunia has hatred.  Dunia so sweet n nice.
Dunia has sweet  words, pretenders and lots and lots of dajjal.
  Too many syaitan too. One day they killed someone. The next day they robbed.  Next ..tut tut tut ..they went umrah.  All magic.

Syaitan has many followers. They worship
 Other kinds of things  except Allah...

very difficult to run from syaitan. Why?  To know more ..  Go and ask your mufti. Plz.
This world is a place of cheating.  Hypocrites?
Be careful please.

Ask Allah to protect  your iman.

I think that's  all.

You see more akhirat immediately after your death.

And death comes any time  boy. If you die 2 minutes from now, your akhirat begins instantly.  No more mummy, daddy, ayang here in Pasir Puteh and ayang there in Acheh.  Final year project ?  No need to ask.  Your akhirat has just started my boy. Watch out.


Al Fatihah.  Do something serious.  Make a quick decision ..join the work of dakwah.  The mother of all good amals. The late Hafiz Patel (Dewsbury) walla ..  said that again and again.  Al fatihah.


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