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Literature Review chapter is an important chapter in a thesis.

It brings to a gap of a research.  You must master this. The examiner wanted to see whether u  had mastered the trends n issues on ur research from 2014 - 2017.
They may give u one question from LR.  What is the latest trend in your research in 2016?  prove plz?

where did you get the idea of doing this research/ why/  what was the latest happening regarding this and that?

so this is an example of  a question in L/R.  The following is to guide .. as a good act as a citizen of this country:


Lets say   A mix marriage between 2 countries  as  your LR.

First you put 3 things.  Simple.


1.  Marry between A  and  B.  Advantages?

2.  Process involved.

3.  Any gap/ things so great to talk about?.
4.  Conclusion.


1.  Who  A  and  B  is?
why  A.  Afrikan.  Why  not  Jalli Budok Baik.

whats so special  A.
strength of A.  Never drink water like a stud from Brussels.
weakness of A.  Can hardly read anything except good and obedient worker.

Jalli? (laugh).  Too smart to fool him.

2.  Processes involved.

visas? Prove he is who.  A virgin? A father of 10 handicap children.

ring?  How much  ring?
gurkha type or  emas kelate type?
How big is the ring?  OMG..so bigggggggg.. afghanistan's finger ?

when engagement?
invite grand parents,  uncles, which aunties. Why?

who to talk for us?  you got flower in the garden ..so long already this flower ..good to sunting one.  Any dictionary to bring.  Mix marriage ..blind me.

when to put the real date?  why? rationale?  Can u handle half of the camp ...so dark my friends.  Only teeth.  White.

3.  The big day.
hw much money to bring.
where to sleep the rest of the caravan?
what next?

gap?   Nogeri marriage, kelantanese marriage, johor?good weather.  Poor weather.

beef,  mutton, buffalo?   all chickens
pantun, silat, kuda kepang  you?

good mouth.  Bad mouth.

just write.

all areas must touch.
soon u can cut and eliminate.  ZOOM now on one particular point in this LR/  why?

theories.  must have theories.  Must have journals mentioning about the theories.
references.  Like this  mohd sazali and Helmi Adly (2012).
issues and trends.  Few issues suffice.  Examples  modern marriages seldom last. Few lasted 6 months only. Why? They lack patience and common sense.  Few made separate ways because of the mother in law.  Example p. Ramlees ibu mertuaku.

from here..i would like to focus on ...afghanistan sweet finger.
There goes your phd journey.  This puts you on the research track. Why  why  why?  The focus is here ..

zoom deeper.

u had identified ur research topic.

2).  At phd level, it is wise not to use

according to Green(2010)..
According to BlueRed(201l)..
According to Sentul(2012)..

Put few references ...but at the end you must try to summarize  what Green, BlueRed and Sentul were trying to make in the context of your work.

then the examiner will know this guy had understood ..something here.

Else it is going to be a boring Chapter 2.

3).  It took me quite long to complete my LR.  Never have i heard anybody anybody did his LR in a week or month.  6 months or more.  Be patient reading, thinking n rewriting the summary.

i wish u well. My dear.  Ameen..

That's all for today.
I want to go home now.


Mohd Sazali & Helmi Adly (2012).  Teaching and Learning mathematics ..   Batu Pahat:  UTHM

* see how he goreng


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