why late

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We are always late.
Islamndemands punctuality.

But wevpractice delay allvthe time.

The small men late.
The big men also late.

The small men ...uneducated lots.
Fishmongers, petty traders, some students always late.
Insyavallahb.?...means late.  The more ya habibi ..the more late we turn up to be.

The big men

No difference.
The minister?  Some  Hopeless.

The halls waited for ministers ..at 10am.
He came and talked rubbish 1130am.  The way they walked..escortdd looked so important.  But what he said ..hay wire.

Why rubbish?
He did not read enough.
He made so much assumptions.
Assume this  and assume that.  Manners   3/10.

In fact nothing doing.

1 hour late ...10 000 hours man hour wasted.
The country going no where.  Yesterday  u.m flooded.  See?  Top univ got flooded.
what can u interpret?

he he  he.  Pity the students. Their cars got completely soaked. Flooded. Wet. Smell horrible.  Luckily not dead.  Washed away by the flood.

The satan may  laugh you.  Alwaysblate.  Why?

3)  to get on track ...dont follow those men  desert people.   Be ourselves, cant we?

I think like that lah.



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