Sending darood to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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Salawat/ darood  means  ..send glad tidings to our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.


1 salawat ..Allah sends you 10 blessings.
Good , right?

If you forget anything in the exam hall, u can read salawat.

Allah will help u get back the maths or statistics formula.

2) If you always quarrel with your old wife salawat and blow to her face. But ..check chek ..

brush your teeth first.
It will cool down her temper.

Old lady very sensitive with 1,234 things.

Once she is so sensitive , u get some levels of noise.

In Statistics you control that using SPSS.  Get out the 'outlier'.

In real life , try ..getting her out.

See what will happen to you?  Either you get out or both of you (laugh).

If we can meet Year 2017 .. u escape the big big storm.


3) While driving salawat.

While buying things in the megamall .. you pushing the trolley ..u can  read the salawat.  While waiting for the cashier ..please read the salawat.

In fact every where u read the salawat.

Then you live ..happily ever after.

Biduanita Sarimah  -  always read salawat. Sarimah is the most beautiful lady in Malaysia in 1970's.
That is the secret of her beauty.  She confessed that once upon a time in a magazine ..Majalah Wanita.


I read that magazine too ..once in a while when I get bored reading so many arabic text from the deserts.

More over Sarimah is 'lawa'.  Proud we were the malays too.

Ha..ha..ha..  that time lah before she met the late Awangku Panjang from Brunei Darul Salam.

Another ha..ha..ha..

4) My best friend is Ir Kamarul Bahrain .. a Besut boy.. my close friend in Liverpool, Sheffied, Dewsbury..tablighi ..

Ir Kamarul ..happens to be Sarimah's menantu.  ( I call him  bahyeen, he was a son of a football referee in Besut.  the late Cikgu Matt)

See?  The world so small.

Ok got to go now.

UTHM - univ tak habis2 meeting.

I got another meeting next.

Family Day.  Hopefully .. a bit far from here in Penang.



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