when u walk into ..

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When you walk into a Viva room..

they expect 3 things from you

1)  you had mastered ..literature review
2)  soon you are going to talk a lot on your 'expertise'.  They gonna listen to that boy.
3)  you would pass their questions and many more satisfactorily.

So don't disappoint them please.

II.  We will win

if our LR ..we had read thoroughly the last 2- 3 years

sometimes ..one simple question on LR ..

if they feel you can't answer the most basic question that well..
then may be ..they won't let you go home with Ph.D

so reading a lot is a must.. no escape ..i think.

III. one day i visited my prof ..  Leonel Burton in Birmingham.

Her table was full of new books.
I asked her .. what did u read?

He..he..he...  I read all that.. you know?

Being an academician .u r paid to read.

I think that is a good job ..just reading ..and you r highly paid.

Other's had tried to sell things .. cooking ..selling ..

but when they got heavy rains, typhoons, ..  they cannot finish selling in between.

So no returns .. pity them.

Our job is just to read in a room with good office and everything in.

Why not ..we be grateful ..God gives us good life , you know?

Till then ..think about it , will you my dear son/ daughter?

Just reading ..you make big houses here and there.



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