friday to friday interval

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Here we come again. Another Friday on the first week of May 2016.

Last week was also friday.

So fast right?

2)  If we got datelines with our computer programmings, projects, thesis writings ..this 1 week comes so fast as lightning.

That is why Allah says in the Holy Quraan ..

this world is a game.
Short and fast game.
As players ..we must learn how to play this game very well else we are called the losers.

3) Any  game has a rule.
If you follow the rules, you will win and come out as a winner.
If you don't sooner   you will get a red card.  They kick you out from the field.

4)  What are the rules?

observe your 5 times daily solat, read your Al Quraan (read, think and practice).
observe your dealings with the others ( good dealings will make you rich, prosper and you grow fat, fatter and fattest. Why?  no worry    else bad dealings day you will get shot on your head).

give charities (zakat)
respect the eldest esp, your mum and dad
respect your teachers and ustaz, ustazahs
respect your neighbours .. malaysian respect the singaporeans, indonesians, thais, bruneian

like that lahhhh..

love your family. If you have a wife .. love her by showering her with love and nice words. Talk nicely about her ..else she is the one who is going to destroy you one day.  He..he..he..

if you study masters n phd abroad..  come back as a successful candidate
if you are away ..don't spend so much time hunting for old english cars, pots and pans, utensils, souvenirs  ..  spend more time studying ,  and spare some money one day protons

if   proton,  you help your own people.  Yes ..your own brothers and sisters who are trying their best to develop our own technology

They get money, and they put some of that money into our economy too.
Win win situation.

What do you think?

I think that is all for this Friday.

Got to go now.


Al Fatihah.  Darood shareef ( salawat kat NabiMuhammad s.a.w  banyok banyok lah ..jumaat ni?)


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