go slow

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What does the word  'go slow'  mean?

Is it patience?
Is it giving up on a serious project?
Or what?

He he he

2)  i dont really know the exact meaning but most of my friends used this words quite a lot.  So what does it mean?

3)  i am trying here

If you are angry with someone

Go slow means ...dont do anything drastic.
Give some time please.

Look at many things.  Think

What will happen after this?
What good things has he done so far to the company or school?

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. asked us to sit down when we are so angry boy
If can take bath and sit down.

Let your anger be in control.
Dont bash up with hasty words like i fire you bastard.
I divorce u ...3 degrees. Ok?

4)  the malays said

If a car is in trouble,  you can ask your friends to push down or push it further up

but with people ...with wrong words

you will lose many things.

first your wife/  husband
then your children
then the entire history.

o yes ..history is money.  If you are already 50, then you get divorce .. to restart with a new person ..all this needs more money, time and energy.

so be careful there.

in Sumatra, a professor was killed for rejecting a thesis that she has just supervised.
at this time, it is important to discuss in a big hall with othrrs on our sides.

else anything can happen.

So be careful please.
go slow ok?

he he he.

dont spend so much money shopping.
tell that to rosmaz.

let her know.

go slow =  spend the money wisely.
else the rakyat will curse u  24/7

What do you think?

if we believe there is death and future reckoning after we die
take heed to what i wrote here

then watch out.  Syirik!

That is all i want to say.
take care you  writer.  May Allah protect you, your brain, your life and many things from many angles. Ameen.



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