defining good teachers

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I am working with Prof Isoda Masami now.

You can google his name.

Isoda Masami.

2) He has written many books.  One of them is 'Effective and Good teacher'.

2.1  a teacher who can author a book easily
2.2  a teacher who has a solid knowledge about his subject, construct test items, rubrics, mark them on time
2.3  who can teach well  .. good and poor classes
2.4  who bring meanings to the lives of his students - number sense, proportion sense etc
2.5 who can collaborate with others
2.6  who can design lesson study -  now lesson study is getting popular globally look at a book called 'mathematical thinking'.
2.7 many more  ICT
2.8  positive attitude
2.9 professionally can work with others
2.10  smile always

Insyallah one day I will go to his office in Tokyo.

See..the power of Allah.

If you keep on writing sincerely,  you will meet the Chief GURU.




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