cikgu kita lah, kau tak ingat ke?

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Just to say ' Happy Teachers' Day' to my daughters  Ms. S3  and Ms.  S4.  I have six children.  S1, S2  to S6.

Happy Teachers' Day to my ex-teachers , ustaz, ustazah , tok guru Al Quraan, Professors, Associate Professors,  kakak mop in UTHM , PKB Kelantan, abg kakak in the canteens  and many more who had helped me being what I am today.

Without a teacher ..

no president,
no Prime Minister,
no ministers
no Head Master/ Mistress
no Dean of a faculty
no Head Department
..  no   me .

you are just nobody.  No knowledge ..absolutely nobody !

2)  Knowledge is very important.

But we cannot be proud of our knowledge.

If you are in a boat in Sarawak , don't talk big about maths, physics, chemistry, DNA, heredity, journals, impact factors, you are one of the 1000 famous scientists in the world  and many kinds of laws ..if the boat capsized .. swimming is the best skill for that moment right?  O yes ..not to forget ..crocodiles like to live and swim happily in the Sarawak rivers.  Ngap, ngap always.  Try?

3) We must try to be humble.

A snake ,..where ever it goes .. it has the venom.  Once it bit you .. the snake can kill you big headed Minister or any poor teacher come what may.  A snake can come out from the toilet bowl and 'ngap ngap ..ur small balls are no more there'.

See?  Be humble is good but ..

in the process of Phd and masters must learn to write a paper, papers and journals.

That is one of the skills you must acquire during this journey.  Keep trying writing it ..ok?

My son S5 ..he is just an undergraduate ..  but last week I heard he presented a paper in a conference of malaysian surgeons .. If Malaysia does not need him and his friends after August say .. let them work in Saudi Arabia. Let them help the pilgrims .. as a 'training experience' for 3 - 4 months per year.  If arabs do not need these UIA doctors, let them work any where on this earth.  Working is training .

Rezki from Allah is so wide.  If Allah says you earn and eat well in  UK..  there you are my son.  Enjoy working in University Hospital Birmingham, University Hospital Leeeds.

Don't worry with what is happening here. It is a strange country. One day the minister is saying ..we are short of doctors. The next day..he is saying ..we have so many doctors on the street. As many as the logs in the northern part of the peninsular.  ( Star Paper 16 May 2016  front page).  Imagine?

where is the model .. prediction, estimation  from the government .. about the need of doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, nurses?

if they are building faculties of medicines ..  they must be some sort of study ...  about supply and demand of doctors in the country from one period to another.

The demand of doctors  =  the supply of doctors.

Then there is job for my son and all his friends.  Insya allah.  I think there is just no more money in this country.

To study in a medical field is not easy ..  as making a burger, hot dog  on the street near the minister's home in Taman Tun Dr Ismail or preparing food with Chef Wan near a sea, mountain or a cliff in Everest.  If I can recall, to enter a medical faculty in UM say ..u must have 10 A PLUS's

What do you say?

4) If I am a daddy from a humble Pasir Puteh  ..I would say ..  ministers always rubbish many things.
He..he..he .. See?  I used the word  'if '.

A minister controls a ministry.

A ministry has many high ranking officers from A  to Z.
So the question is ..what are those minister +  high ranking officers doing each day, week, month and year that entitled them to yearly bonus .. year after year?  The rakyat of 2015 is different from rakyat in 1957.

Strange right?  They got phd holders too ..coming back from USA, UK, ....., UTHM ..

They got consultants too.  Not only malay consultants ..they hire foreign consultants.

Where got road like this ?  ( ooops ..not Tottenham Kort  Road ..)

seeing so many doctors ..  waiting for house-man ships etc etc. A doctor .if they don't practise a year, 2 years ..may be one day they will leave a 6 inch scissor in someones tummy.

Think about it.

Happy Teacher's Day cikgu.  We all love you  from the bottom of our heart. Proof?  one morning my grand son bought a mug for his teacher.  The money did not come from the sky came from his savings.  Not easy to save nowadays .. but still he  insists he wanted to buy something for his teacher.  I teach my children A , B and .... adab honesty, trustworthy, discipline, telling the truth even though it is so pahit to reveal ........

How to write that number murid muridddddddddddddddddddddd  two point six  billion?  Teaching is the best job.  You make the country , you are the future of this country!


p/s:  Picture1 = arwah cikgu Yusof Ngah (my English Literature teacher ; headmaster TMS; SS Kuala Terengganu); Miss Alison (Austraian Peace Corp , my English Drama teacher - The King and I)

Picture 2=  classmate Form 3A 1972 TMS .  Ada dalam gambar Prof Alias Daud UM/ VC Univ Kuzza , Prof Shamsuddin Amin UTM, Prof Abd Ghani UKM, Ir Azman Ahmad, Ir Lee Chong Seong, Ir Abd Wahab Muhammad, Ir Nor  Azmi, Ir Anwar, contractor Halil, sub-contractor Azmi Ghani,  big teachers  Tuan Mohd Yusoff, Cikgu Nawawi ,  n many more.  My best position dlm kelas ini ialah 5/420 students. Ok tak?

Picture 3 =  my 2 sons left n right.  Hopefully they doing better all the way than their daddy. Ameen.


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