small advices

Posted by sazali


Now not many youngters would like to hear old mans advices.
They say your time is now over.

Push yourself aside old man.
However i want to push hard this things.

1.  Control your money
2.  Control your eating habit. Mix your food ...vgetables, meat and fruits.Drink morebplain water.
3. Dont expect so much from others. Trust urself more and more.
4.  Do not buy all these arabic slangs ...they cheat u while laughing. Did you see they came out with more wives than you?
5.  After nightfall stay indoors.  Dont accept any calls. It is getting dangerous nowadays.
6.  If you have money, buy a gun. At least you can shoot any snake into your house. Blow off his head. Never regret.   Either you shoot or he strikes with his venum. Just shoot baby.  Our IGP also has a gun. Why cant we?  30 years ago we can trust the  police.  Now i am afraid ...few are worse than ........ (just fill up the blanks).
7.  Can listen  all stories.  But dont believe too much. Ask yourself. What will you get by leaving ur house in the dead of the night.  Dont flash out any cash or credit cards.
8.  Be careful with old friends. After few decades everybody has changed. Think harder b4 you follow old flames.  Many got cheated with old boys stories etc etc.  They lost everything within  few taps on the A.T.M.
9.  Sleep more at home. Soon u regret when u spend more nights in the hospitals with all kinds of tubes running through your anus, penis, mouth, nose.  Get me?
10.  Enjoy your lives.  If you die, it is ok.  Just go. You cannot do anything anymore. Old hutang pun you never make any effort to pay. So far you always dont care. You are now called the dead ones . Join their group. You get presidents, admirals, kings, princesses, malay maharaja, teachers, students, shopkeepers, mamak, mummy, chinese, indians, footballers, supporters, english, hockey players, liars, bastards, f,  n many more in the next world.  Nobody has come back and tell us any stories what is in store for us. There u are just nobody. He he he.  If Allah wants you in the heaven, that is your destiny. If after all these good amal ..Allah says you hell. I cannot make any comments. Why? Allah controls everything.  Sorry dear?  I am so sorry.

Tq.  Think wisely and listen to your heart. Al Fatihah if you like to your ownselves and  me a humble writer.

Read surah al mulk.



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