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If i have a foreign friend where should i bring him within 24 hours once he arrived Kota Bharu.

The answers are

1.  Market Siti Khadijah. Here most workers are women. They sell many things examples vegetables, fish, meat, rice, dodol, serunding sambal daging, beras pulut, batik clothes and gold.

Kelantanese gold is considered one of the best in the world. Because of that we can identify any lady belonging to here because they put a lot of gold on their necks, arms and many more.  They used this for trading too between the daily produce within their business circles.

2.  Muzuem Istana Jahar is about 1 km from the above market. Here you can see many historical events like the royal families, weddings and their special clothings and traditional games like congkat and 'tops'.  You can see a traditional trishaw called beca too.

3.  The beach  P.C.B.  along the way from the town to the seaside we can stop at many Batik houses, boutiques, songket and handcrafts. Bring some money. Quite expensive now. Say RM100 for good batik and RM1000 plus for reasonable Songket.  Here you can eat keropok batang RM1 a piece.  If tiny type may be 30 sen each. Then we top up with cocunut drink. RM5 per cocunut.

4.  Restaurant The White Table ( after 6pm better)

5.  The big mosque ..Sultan Muhammad next to the muzuem.

6.  Pink Stadium where the state football team played their games. Usually they win but sometimes they lost too. Dont worry. It is part of the game called football. The stadium is within walking distance from the city centre.


I think that is all if 24 hours.
if more than a day we can go many places like waterfall Jeram Pasu in Pasir Puteh, Batu Melintang and many more.

If he were a muslim I bring him to Pulau Melaka about 20km from the city centre.

Here we can visit ex Menteri Besar Chief minister Tuan Guru Nik Aziz home made of all wood.

Next i bring him to Mazkaz Dakwah Tabligh in Cherang, K.Bharu.
after some drinks, i talk him myself about 6 important qualities of the companions of the beloved prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.

if he looks sick, i can bring him to Kubang Kerian USM Hospital. It is a very modern hospital. It has many facilities including modern faculties for young doctors, dentists, nurses and according to record ..they marry among themselves too. They smell medicine, i heard?  Do you like that?

If you want to pay for a tour guide  may be RM100 within the first 3 hours. Then RM25 per additional hour.

In Kota Bharu we have a modern airport. 36 flights per day, WE have MAS, AirAsia, FireFly plying their routes. If you have Credit cards you can fly home KLumpur, London, Sydney and many more any time.  Other than that, you can take buses to all destinations throughout the country.  At night, many express busses left Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bharu, Penang and Kuala Kedah ( Langkawi Island).

Kota Bharu is also 2 hours from Pulau Perhentian jetty in Kuala Besut by taxi.
There you can go diving, snorkelling and water filming.

Ooops..Beware of drugs. If you are caught with marijuana they hang you. ASAP.

We have also many modern supermarkets like Aeon. TESCO near the Sultan Yahya Petra bridge. If it rains so badly, may be you can go shopping using smaller boats , rakit and ..enjoy yourselves in the flood of course.  He he he.

You can buy household utensils like the biggest wok, saucepan, spoon, parang, gold, batik, songket, sambal daging, kelantan sweet delicacies, makjun, minyak urut Wan Muda, Mestika oil,   ikan bilis halus, budu, belachan ( malaysian cadbury) and wooden senduk to use during dodol and suro makings.  If you like qu puteh ..i think the best factory must be the pink stadium. You can't miss it.

The best time to visit here is March to September. We got monsoon rain from November to February.



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