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We got our independence in 1957.

With that we charted our own destiny.
We built KLCC, 30 universities, 10000 schools and many more.
The freedom to build all those is the value of independence.
1MDb  also idiot created that and 30 million people suffered.

2)  by education, we read extensively.
We read, think, write and some of us are given the chance to speak in the United Nation.

We attack once in a while ..the British, USA.  We got that

Because of the  independence. We said what is in our mind.

3)we got jobs.  The jobs wanted straight As.  We hardly got half of those distinctions.  But still we teach , got paid.
This is the value of independence.  When a country belongs to us, we do what we can. Any time.

4)  we built masjid, mosques.
we say the azzan as loudly as possible.
why?  We are already independent.  In London, we do not enjoy that luxury.

but not many of our citizens appreciate this independdnce.

we wanted islamic state.
we wanted many other things.
Are we ready?

We wanted to go to the moon.
we built proton.
Are we ready for that technology flying to the moon.  But wait, any sate ikan on the moon?

a value is a value until we lost it once and forever.
we lost our health.
we tried to buy that health.
but we lost.  All the doctors tried their best ..but health is not  on the rack.

see the value of health.
i saw many elderly patients here.
i asked them why hospital?
They told me health is wealth.  Really?

he he he.

Value of beauty?
You are called a beautiful girl.
but the malays .. definition of beauty is different from the Ugandans, Zambians and Ziareans.
Ask them..please.  How they define a beautiful lady?

but being beautiful is enough.
this comes before you got married, I think.

When u look back ..
you can say ..i was beautiful once.
He he he.

What is the value of beauty?
God knows best.

In America, young girls built trillion USD  beauty market.
some committed suicide.
They went plastic lips, skins and many more. When failed,
They killed themselves.

so in short ..  value is a multi dimensional item.
but it is temporary.
nothing last for ever.

ask Briggit Bardot.
What is beauty dear?
Did it matter now?

5)  instant and 'belated' values.

A fasting day now in Ramadhan 2016  has different value than fasting after Ramadhan 2016.  If you purposely eat, sex now and then you pay back this day by fasting 1000 years later day after day non stop ... the values are completely different. Why?  That was what was written in the Hadith of Rasulullah s.a.w.

A property now in Ampang Road, Kuala Lumpur would be diffrdnt in value (price) say 30 years from now.  Why?  Properties fetch different prices depending on some factors.

A marriage at the age of 25 is different in value than marrying  when you are already 66 years old.

5.1  in London  after Wimbledon Games ..getting married has higher appreciation in its value than
5.2  marrying a widow who is about your age when both of you ..have lost their teeth. Perhaps here, you just need a partner to talk about tennis, its ball and the net from morning to sunset. You need someone to rub and warm your body.

When you are young you just have higher levels of energy than when you are old.
To know more, just ask a 66 year old lady with 6 children and 36 grand children at the time of her 2nd, or 3rd wedding.  I think the way your children and grand children celebrate your big catch could tell the differing values I am referring to.

Don't forget that.



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