a prayer from a daddy for his children

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Last night i learnt something.

From the ustaz who read from an old kitab with so many

" maka ...

And ending with so  many   ...nya".

2)  he read

3 kinds of people, their prayers go automatically answered
 By the Almighty Allah all the times.
who are they?

first,  musaffir,
second,  those who are wronged by the  zalim rulers and

The prayer of a father for his sons and daughters is accepted by the Al Mighty Allah all the time.

At this point I want to mention the third people only.

So far I thought
Only the prayers of the mothers are more effective than me.


So what doa should i say for them?

2.1  you have a strong faith in Allah
2.2  you becoming good mukmin mukminah
2.3  you are successful in all fields
2.4  you follow dakwah throughout your life
2.5  your rezeki far and wide
2.6  you remember mum and me
2.7  you talk nicely with all people from all walks of life
2.8  you stay healthy
2.9  you think well
2.10  you shall have a good life and please help others

That's all my prayer for my sons and daughters.

a good man always pray well for his family
He should not pray anything bad for his sons
no matter what they had done to him.

Some children forgets their parents
because they are too busy with their jobs and families.

how nice if my children buys nice clothes for me once in a while.
I prefer branded one because i want to look nice with my ex students.


Sometimes i met them in the sky to Europe and Far East
sometimes i met them in the work of dakwah far away from home
so if i dress well
i think he..he..he..
they would think of me well through and through.

How nice if my children sends some money  too (laugh)
i had got my monthly due but
if they send extras
i can treat my old friends better in down town Kota Bharu.
Nothing special .. toasted bread , half boiled eggs and nasi kerabu please.

Honestly i don't know why
but deep down in my stomach
i want to look nice,
well taken care
as i walk nearer to my grave as days are turning fast into the nights

please don't let me go hungry
Please don't let your mum go without food
If you think highly of your old masters
then i pray
you will be much more successful than us.


That is what I learnt last night.  Lucky are those old parents who have nice children at their disposal.
Well .. what can I say?

If you tended to them well in their formative years  (your children I mean)
then what you got now ..
that's the product you respectively earned.

Well done dad.
Well done mum.

Wallahu aklam.


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