making effort and dakwah

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If we want to get anything
Do  2  things

1.  Effort
2.  Dakwah ( propagation of ad deen  islam)

Prophets like Abraham pbuh  and Moses pbuh
After making lots and lots of sacrifice and preaching the truth

And then doa
The help of Allah came.

They were sent for the jewish communittee
At that time

Since they preached ad deen
And doa
Allah helped them through and through.

when Prophet Moses and his followers were chased by the enemies called Firauan
Allah helped Moses and his  followers to cross the Red Sea
and at the same time Allah drowned firaun and all the infedils.

why did the help come?
Moses alaihis salam made a lot of effort
propagating islam to his people day in and day out
and when he doa
the help from the AlMighty Allah came once and for all.

2) similar was the case with Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his great companions.
The same Allah helped them against the enemies in the
Battles of Badr and Uhud.
The muslims won.

3)  Now Allah did not help us.

where is our effort for deen?

where is our doa?

Many of us took dunia as our aim.  In
This world we have 5 needs.

1.  Food
2.  Shelter
3.  Family
4.  Wife/ husband
5.  Properties  but   wait...wait ...wait

All these without  iman
will doomed us for ever.
Allah is not angry if we die without food.
Allah is not angry if we die without  a big house or bungalow.
Allah is not angry if we die without our family.
Allah is not angry if we are not married.
Allah is not angry if we do not own a palm oil plantation, coconut plantation and rubber estates all through out the country

but the wrath of Allah came upon us
if we came back without a solid iman.

To get concrete iman
we must do dakwah to our people
and make lots of doa
so that this life ..

leads us  and
our families
our neighbours
our friends
country men

into paradise.  Khalass!

The purpose of our life is to please
Allah  i.e.,
doing the work of dakwah  b4  death comes to us
without any notice what so ever.

I am learning to do  this
hw  about you my dear  readers?

May Allah pardon us all.


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