forget, forgetful lots

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We tend to forget many things.
First, we forget where we belong in the first place?
Yup..we come from the earth and soon we return to the earth willingly or unwillingly.

Any body wants to argue about that?

Second, we forget another simple fact.
Nothing last here..
If we are a traveller once we reach our destination we have to get off the plane, train or any form of vehicle.

As a traveler, we restrict ourselves with sitting down in our seat. We may go and relieve ourselves again and again if we want to.  Sometimes we go and eat and drink. Some we just sleep.  Others enjoy the view outside the train.

In Gemas if somebody wanted to sell some clothings
We can buy.  But nothing is offended if we keep our hands tight.

But once the destination come, off we go and we call  the taxi and move on and on.

Third, we are too forgetful.
Some are the husbands of some ladies.
Some are the wives of someone.
Everybody has a duty.
We are valued highly if we do our duties correctly.
We educate our young ones.
Education, manners, good social values.
We hate cheating, theft and bribery.

BUT  THIS world shows

Many of us are forgetful lots.
We forgot our values.
We forgot our parents, societies, countriesvand many more.

Some of us took bribe openly. Some did it secretly.
Some beat their loved ones.
The king, presidents and many more cheated their own people.

That is why Allah created paradise and hell.
Allah sends Nabi and Rasul to warn the people.
Remember your duties well..

good people enter jannah.
bad people dump into jahanamm.

Life is fair and square.
If you forget
get back to the track.
Come to the mosque.  Give some time for treatment.
if our body is sick,
the hospital is the place to seek for treatment.
if our hands are full of dirty money
the jail seems appropriate to put you there.  Hopefully
the mosquitoes will inject some liquid for you to get back to shape.
See no more golf courses overseas again and again.
no more sweet and sexy ladies.
now for you to think the taubah as quickly as possible before the stroke come between your chest.

A ubzu billah ..
astagh firullah.

Your high ranking post
has come crushing down
Everything has come to naught.

soon the day come
you exit the world.

Seek repentance
Seek good ending
We are just a traveller.



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