the purpose of life

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When a chinese man opens a shop in London
He spent only 1 day for his chinese new year
And when the next day came, he has opened his business.
Nothing sad.
Nothing to be worried.
Why?  Bcoz
He knows the purpose of his life doing business in London China Town.

when a malay boy is doing his Ph.D  in Manchester
He spent 1  day celebrating his Eid
and when the next day comes
he is already in the lab.
He does not need to bring his wife,
his children to the lab.
His wife understand him and so does his other children age 1,2,3,4 and coming more and more.
why that level of sacrifice?..
because he knows the purpose of his  stay in Manchester.  36 month hard work.

when an Indian teaacher is teaching in Kelantan
He spent 1 day in Deepavali
and the next day
he will be  chasing eagerly  the train back to his school.
he knows the purpose of being a teacher.

muslims  man and woman  globally
we failed to see the purpose why we come to this earth.

we are mad with getting as much wealth as we can.
If a leader in Manila was mad in corruption
we too  without any feeling of shame and guilt .. the proofs are aplenty.  Imagine loads of cash in the washing machines,
specially made cavety in his wall and many shameful treasures..

just check the papers.

if the non muslims are mad with properties
some of us are doing that too without any sense of  fearing Allah our main creator

we did not know the purpose of our job in the government.

if a man knows his purpose
of this life
which is very temporary , short

he would surely
do his job very well

like the chinese man in London.
the malay boy in Manchester  and
the indian teacher in the train..

all these 3 people will see success one day. They will see the glory coming soon and very soon indeed.

but those who did not see  their purpose

just wait

Allah will humiliate them
not only  in the streets

but also .. in his own house
in front of his own family.

What happened  dad?  Why you are doing this to us?

so i beg you

check please.
our purpose of this life b4  it is too late.



  1. Kuazue Mohd said...

    terima kasih kerana mengingatkan

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