Blaming others

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Man has many bad habits.  One of them is blaming others when something is not going right.

Just look at the following examples.

1.  The food was not properly cooked.
Someone has to be blamed.  First the chicken itself. It must be an old chicken.
Second the poor cook who did not know how to measure correctly how much salt to pinch.
Lastly, the cooking oil.  It must be selfly prepared by the cook herself.

2.  Unemployment.

The ministers blamed the english teachers.
The teachers blamed the students.
The students blamed the teachers that they had since Year 7.
Finally the society blamed the education system.
In short, the blaming never ends.
Pity the poor english teachers like you and me.

3.  Malaysia lost to Singapore in football.
The spectators blamed the players.
The minister sacked the local coach.
The players blamed the wet football pitch and
See we had lost again and again.
Really mad.  Huh!

when we blamed each other
we lost respect in the eyes of Allah.

There is no hormony in the house, schools and ministries.
Finally somebody is stealing our money.
Graft is happening everywhere now.

To stop this, we have to check our iman.
Are we not afraid of Allah's  torment and hell fire?

Till then ..please ask deeply into our own souls.

We can find the answer there.  Plz improve quickly such as ..we must be committed in our work, no matter you are a big teacher or small teachers.  Prepare your lessons well.  Enjoy your teaching. Smile to the class. Talk politely such as ..can any body explain here please?  thank you .



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