now is Morning

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Now is morning time.
Good morning everyone.
All ok?

An hour ago i went to the mosque.  I drove Proton Exora.
I asked some body.  How are you this morning?
He replied .. anybody that can come to the mosque llike you and me are healthy.  Dont worry.
I said  Ameen.  Tq Pak Ngah.  He he he.

An hour from now i plan to pick some boys going home to Batu Pahat.
I shall drop them at the bus station.
After spending 40 days in dakwah , they are going home to do their daily work and hopefully more dakwah.

In sya Allah. ( if God allows).

2)  In the Holy Quran the almighty Allah promised one thing
if you help Allah,  Allah will help you.
How?  Easyyýyy..  help the soldiers of Allah who are in his sacred path
calling people to do good
and forbidding people from evil doings.

khalas. (Enough said).

3)  life is an asset.
some people used his life to climb dangerous mountains.
in the process he got killed by heavy flood, storm and wild animals such as snakes, wild bears and scorpions.

some spent their lives in the offices ..earning money for his family.  Very good.
some spent their lives writing, reading, lecturing and this is good.
some singing.
from their songs, they got money. Good effort.
Some doing business. Import export.  Also good.

some do everything except doing dakwah.  Pity?

because we live temporarily here.
If we take this approach
doing everything except helping the deen of Allah to spread and practice globally
How can we meet Allah one day for his help?


Good to think about this please.
If we are 50 now
and we are dying at 60
we are left with 10 more years. Simple maths, isnt  it?

why not the remaining years we do something
good for the deen of Allah to go far to all corners of the world.  How?  Give some time to learn this.

try, please?

good morning n keep smiling.


  1. Kuazue Mohd said...

    terima kasih atas ingatan. In shaa Allah, saya cuba buat sebaiknya Lilla hi taala

  2. sazali said...

    Tq so much. May HE makes things easy for us. Ameen

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