saying ..

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Saying good things .. we can practice


1.  Schools
2. Homes and
3.  Friends

Sometimes we can watch Tv.

Avoid using bad language what more

You come from
Good families and well known schools.


One day I took a bus from Pasir Puteh
To Kota Bharu.  It was 40 km away.

Along the journey

I heard one lady
Cursing her boy to sit still.

All along the journey, i heard,  she was using bad words.

Since she was sitting a bit behind my seat

I just keep quiet.

When the bus stop at KB central  finally

I walked down.

The mum and the boy were there too.

U know how old the boy was?

Yes he was just 4  to 6 years old.  To me ..he did not care the curse or what.  I  think.

Oh my  god.  This was sad

The lady was putting an islamic dress
May be .. my state ..islamic kind.

Just wonder

How was the night sleeping with this useless lady?  Is it going fine sleeping with a wife with foul mouth?


Can't  she use a better words

Just to make sure her boy
Would sit still all the way?  I  wonder...  worrying a lot.



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