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Humans nowadays worry so much.
If they can, they want to be the god.

When they send their children to school,
They expect the best from their children.

Academic Gred A
Sports and clubs Gred A
Akhlak , manners  also Gred  A
Singing and writing  also Gred A

When their children badly perform,
They felt so disappointed.

If the children perform so well
At schools.. from observations
They can talk better at social meetings,
Festives, clubbing etc etc.  They walk a bit style. He..he..he  ...n a bit of Bragging?

Last year UPSR 2016  only 2% of those Year 6 who sat got straight A's.
In simple terms,
You know, i know, myself, yourself

Out of 100 students who sat for the exam, only 2 scored straight As.
98 failed to get the full expectation.

By simple rules,
98 parents could not sleep so well that night.  Really?

then mara science colleges  MRSM  , boarding schools SBP  brought down their minimum grades for the applicants to enter.  Few decades ago, to enter MRSM the children had to score all grade As but not now.

i heard 3As,  strings of B,C,D also can.  Alas.. Malaysia ..all can.


If i were them
I  would let my children enjoy their schooling times 24/7

Let them study according to their interest.

Let them play too.
Take bicycles the evening and enjoy the fresh air outside their homes.  I enjoyed watching my sons playing football on the pitch.  See them fighting here and there.

At night, we go to the masjid or surau.
we eat together after maghrib.

At night we watch Tv
and discuss things.
SOMETIMES during this time, we can check their
 books.  They can explain to me why this n why that.
i think this way
i can enjoy my sleep.
my wife too
and of course
my children too.

Now many parents
send their children to tuition centres..
some send their loved ones to piano, computer, robotic and karate centres
every night
they rush at maghrib
and come back at 10pm.  They looked a bit tired.  Of course KFC, McD and many fast food flourished.

as a result
they do not have enough rest.
they miss eating together
they miss talking about simple things in life examples .. their cousins getting married, their grand dad is dying and many other neighbourly things.

if we do not control, the trend would be
our children can do well
but our health would suffer.  Depression.  High blood pressure. Cancer. Impotent.

Some young parents
in spite of their  age
they never smile to their senior neighbours.

what more if
the children of their poor neighbours
scored all As in UPSR
even though they never go tuition all over the town.

In short
let our children and teachers teach n learn in peace
according to their abilities.  Why must the ministry press them so much?

they are still young.  12 years old by age.
if they can't score 100% in everything
so what?

he he he.  Just check all the UPSR results of the cabinet ministers.  Did they do well?

Relax dear.
enjoy yourself.

enjoy watching your children smile, jokes, and growing together with their siblings
in front of your own eyes.

3)  soon once they got their common sense, age 16 plus,
they will push themselves to excel.

don't join the rat race..
you will die young, you know?

Enjoy parenting plz.  Every one of us has their own rezeki.  Believe it please.


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