making effort

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When we were young
If our school report was not up to the mark

The class teacher wrote "  ..make strong effort to improve in your studies".

2)  young couples .. after 5,10 years marrying
yet they can not conceive
the consultant would advice them

"..make extra effort in following these steps
1, 2, 3, .., n  steps".

We can see the couples will readily obey all the instructions as prescribed examples taking all kinds of medicine as found under the blue sky.

the point is  make effort, make strong effort, make concrete effort etc etc.

todays writing is about effort.

What kinds of effort should we do to control  i.e.,
Solving our so called unending problem.

as a believer
we believe in Allah.
Our sustainer,.
the most Mighty One
the most benevolent
the most merciful.

when we pray
sometimes our prayers are not answered.
Should we make effort to think

1.  why no answer from Allah
2.  What ways to improve the quality of our prayers in the dead of the night (tahajud)
etc etc.

If we were invited by the King
to get our medal and the so called Datukship
we make utmost effort
to groom ourselves  in order to
 fit ourselves to the occasion in the palace.

if we are praying
we must look well
we must talk well
we must recite the doa well.
if we want syurga of Allah
the correct effort must be made as closely as possible just what the companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad  pbuh  did 1438 years ago

one point is  .. are we focused when we asked from Allah?
now many people in the masjid are glued to their handsets.
b4 khutbah they are accepting n receiving messages.
everything looks so important.
after khutbah their wives called for daily fishes, chickens ..dont forget linggg

so ..did u see why our prayers went unanswered from saudi, bangladesh, kuala lumpur and jakarta?  No matter when lai latul qada falls in Ramadhan
in front of kaabah or  not
we went home empty handed, right?

pity u  pity me
pity everybody in Malaysia and also Kelantan
we failed to hit the bulls eye
O My Robbbb

Help us

 making  the  effort looks very right.

is that right?



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